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Essential Reasons to Upgrade Your Access Control Technology — Reason #2: User Convenience

We live in a convenience-driven society. The growing consumer demand for added convenience does not exclude the access control experience.

We recently released an informative eBook entitled Three Essential Reasons to Upgrade Your Access Control Technology that highlights vital reasons for an access control system upgrade. In our previous blog on this topic we discussed Reason #1: Security and Data Privacy. This time we cover Reason #2: User Convenience.

Why the Marked Migration to Mobile?

Enterprises are increasingly adopting mobile access as a more modern, secure and convenient access control credential. Mobile access control enables mobile devices such as smartphones and smartwatches to serve as a credential form factor offering choice and ease-of-use to end-users, along with new and more convenient ways to open access points.

This is a huge win for users as we have become ultra-dependent on our smartphones. We carry them with us pretty much everywhere we go, and the odds of forgetting or misplacing our phones are far lower than forgetting or misplacing our keys, cards or fobs. Mobile credentials can ultimately eliminate the need to maintain and carry additional card or fob credentials.

The longer reach of the Bluetooth® Smart communications standard (for exchanging data between fixed and mobile devices over short distances) is enabling communication with readers from farther distances. In this COVID era, this also supports health and safety initiatives and requirements. And, in the spirit of even more enhanced security and user convenience, mobile devices are typically locked by the user when not in use and can only be opened by pin code, fingerprint or facial recognition. In addition, with gesture detection, credentialed users can unlock doors with intuitive gestures, providing an additional point of convenience without compromising security when using a mobile device.

According to Grandview Research, the global wearable technology market size is projected to expand at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 15.9 percent from 2020 to 2027. With their ready-to-use convenience, these “always-on” devices are natural candidates for access control applications.

The Trend Toward Touchless Continues

The COVID-19 pandemic catalyzed demand for contactless access control solutions that eliminate having to manually touch a surface in order to gain entry or exit. Case in point, HID asked security directors about the top drivers to upgrade physical access control, and touchless solutions topped the list, with 41 percent designating them a key driver of user convenience going forward.

While touchless access meets the challenge by minimizing interpersonal and surface contact, security professionals recognize that these solutions offer other advantages that go beyond health and safety. Among them is the ability to remotely grant and revoke credentials. With mobile credentials, security administrators are able to provide end-users with credentials over-the-air, without ever meeting face-to-face in a card office or HR department, saving time for both the end-user and the security office.

Integrated Solutions Deliver Even More User Benefits

Modern security technologies are enabling building management apps and cloud-based access control management to be integrated into mobile access solutions. The benefits this capability provides to users are impressive. They include increased data capture, added convenience, a higher level of security and greater flexibility. For building and property managers, this ability translates into new opportunities to engage with their tenants through apps on their mobile devices. The resultant data produced also provides insights into how to better control core systems such as lighting and HVAC more efficiently and affordably. And, as previously mentioned, mobile access integrations allow security personnel to easily grant and revoke credentials remotely as needed for staff, tenants, contractors and visitors, delivering a fast, seamless and more convenient experience.

Now is the time for security managers to seriously consider upgrades to their access control systems. Technology advances are not only facilitating a higher level of security, they’re also rising to the challenges presented by our convenience-driven society.

Want to learn more about best practices for upgrading? Download our eBook, Three Essential Reasons to Upgrade Your Access Control Technology.

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