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Essential Reasons to Upgrade Your Access Control Technology — Reason 3: Flexibility

There are many reasons why organizations should upgrade their access control technologies. As highlighted in our previous two blogs, security & data privacy, as well as user convenience, each rank high on the list. The flexibility that modernized access solutions provide is another important motivator to modernize access control systems.

Reason 3: Flexibility

Remote Credentialing

The ability to remotely manage credentialing has perhaps never been more useful than in recent times. The pandemic caused many facilities to shut down unexpectedly, and others to reduce staffing or stagger work shifts. The flexibility of being able to issue and revoke access credentials remotely has allowed security personnel to maintain and even improve their operational efficiencies.

Advanced Reader Technology

Modernized reader technology is giving security teams more flexibility than ever. Our HID Signo™ Readers, for example, have been designed to provide this flexibility, as they are interoperable with more than 15 credential technologies, including Seos®, HID Mobile Access®, MIFARE DESFire EV1/EV2/ EV3, iCLASS® and many others. And there’s good news also for those organizations that are planning a phased access upgrade – the extensive credential support HID Signo readers provide can also work in conjunction with legacy credential technologies including HID Proximity, Indala Proximity, AWID Proximity and EM Proximity. This capability makes for a simple migration when organizations are ready to adopt more modern credential technologies, such as HID Mobile Access, which supports over 250 mobile devices and IOS/Android capabilities! The modern technologies inherent to HID Signo readers and our highly secure Seos credential platform also make it possible to easily expand physical access control systems as new technologies emerge.  Built-In IEC standard based OSDP or Wiegand communication allows HID Signo readers to be connected to most of the access controllers in the market.

The Perks of a Strong and Flexible Access Control Platform

When people think of access control, they typically associate it with physical security. But, to drive business value, organizations need a platform that is flexible enough to support multiple applications for managing physical access as well as for logical access. Logical access control tools are used for credentials, validation, authorization, and accountability in an infrastructure and the systems within. These components enforce access control measures for systems, applications, processes and information. So, when an organization is ready to add new integrations such as visitor management or identity positioning, or applications such as time & attendance, secure print management, biometrics, or cashless vending, they are ideally positioned to migrate to a platform that supports smart card technology and contactless wearable or smartphone solutions. By joining access control with extended applications such as these, users need only carry a single access card or mobile device for all these various purposes.

A flexible platform translates into other perks, as well. It also enables administration to be centralized into one efficient, cost-effective system. This allows for the creation of a comprehensive interoperable, multi-layered security solution across all the organization’s networks, systems and facilities. This type of platform well positions them for future migrations to modern reader and credential technologies.

Three Compelling Reasons to Upgrade: Security & Data Privacy, User Convenience and Flexibility

Successfully taking on today’s security challenges requires an access control platform that meets today’s requirements yet is flexible enough to scale to future needs, all while meeting the highest levels of data privacy, user convenience and flexibility.

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Martin has worked in the security industry for more than 15 years and currently leads the Europe Sales Engineering Team for HID Physical Access Control Solutions. Martin's background is in Software and IT Security. Before taking roles in Sales Engineering at HID, Martin held positions and responsibilities for software development and identity management. Connect with Martin on LinkedIn.