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How HID Helped Avolon Re-Imagine Security — Part 4

The Convenience Factor

It can be difficult to find access control solutions that are both convenient and secure, but it’s not impossible. In a recent webinar, Moving to Mobile Access Control, James Moore of IFSEC Global and Peter Walsh of HID Global spoke with Allan Dawson, Workplace Services Team Manager at aircraft leasing company Avolon, about his company’s recent rollout of HID Mobile Access®.

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What were the main benefits the company observed once they completed the deployment? Listen to the clip — or read our lightly edited transcript — to find out.

In terms of end-user experience, the main benefit was convenience.

We don't get people saying, “Oh, I left my card,” or going outside a secure zone within the building and needing help to get back in. No one forgets their mobile phone when they pop outside for a bit of fresh air or to get a cup of coffee. That convenience for everybody is just very straightforward.

No One Forgets Their Phone

In our office in Dublin, our lifts are access controlled. So, if you want to travel between floors, you need to activate the lift with your phone. If you forget anything that's going to authenticate you, you have to go to the ground floor and go through a process.

When people are traveling internally within the building, it's very easy for them to leave their card behind. But again, they won't leave their mobile phone behind.

Seamless Administration

From our perspective in relation to the administration, it's just seamless. It's a cloud platform. You don’t have to be on the corporate network to access any resources. You can do it from anywhere. Given our current circumstances, our office is effectively closed at the moment. But we still have new starters that are joining the business. They still need to be able to go to the office to pick up the kit they need to work. So, to be able to issue them credentials from anywhere — whether I do it, whether one of the team does it — the convenience has just been excellent during this period of time.

Centralizing Management Through HID Origo™

We have multiple administrative users, purely because of time difference. If someone in Hong Kong needs a mobile access credential, we're not going to wait until Dublin wakes up to issue it. But because HID Origo is a cloud-based platform that doesn’t require any specific hardware on site, the person logs in, issues the credential and is able to manage that on their end.

I can see everything that happens. I can see all of the mobile IDs that were issued, when they're issued, who issued them, when they were activated and even further – you can see the mobile device that it's on. So, you know whether it's an iPhone or an Android phone, Samsung, Huawei, whatever.

So, it actually gives you a lot more information than just the mobile access credentials.

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