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Unlocking the Benefits of FIDO Authentication with HID

Discover the transformative benefits of FIDO authentication and how HID is leading the way in delivering secure, user-friendly authentication experiences. As technology leaders, we continuously work to ensure HID products utilize the latest technologies and industry standards to offer our customers the highest level of security, productivity, and safety for their workforce. The business challenge of providing attack-proofed access to countless corporate resources, coupled with increasingly sophisticated attacks, means that organizations must stay ahead of the game by leveraging the most secure authentication solutions on the market.

A strong focus in the authentication space over the past few years has been FIDO2 technology, which provides a path to passwordless authentication for secure access to online services in mobile and desktop environments using more secure alternatives to traditional authentication methods, such as user name and password.

Sharing the FIDO Alliance’s vision for a passwordless future, HID has worked to provide a wide range of FIDO2 enabled and certified solutions that are scalable and support the needs, use cases and compliance requirements of organizations in various verticals.

We attended the most recent FIDO Alliance Authenticate Conference, which is an event dedicated to the who, what, why and how of user authentication. During the conference, our experts had the privilege of sharing their knowledge and industry expertise on all things authentication during informative breakout sessions that highlighted the importance of:

Creating a Comprehensive Security Strategy

During the conference, our solutions architect, Eric Williams, took to the stage to share the key items to consider when building a comprehensive security strategy that secures both physical and logical access, and the importance of striking the right balance between high security and a simple user experience to ensure the strategy gets adopted. Eric covered the nuances between various industry, regulation and user experience requirements that exist in organizations seeking better security through strong authentication, and discussed which technologies are best suited to fulfill their unique use cases. Watch the recording below.

Limiting Data Breaches in Supply Chain Organizations

In a webinar for the conference, Yves Massard, Product Marketing Director at HID, highlighted the importance and shared insights on how supply chain customers can protect themselves from data breaches. While we are often advised on how to protect our own business systems and networks, it's essential to understand how easily an attack can cascade through one organization to countless other organizations and their customers. In his talk, Yves covered the measures you can take to mitigate supply chain attacks:

  • Catalog supply chain use and potential threats
  • Access supply chain security maturity
  • Implement Zero Trust
  • Implement proper configuration and change management, including monitoring and vulnerability management
  • Review physical security

Watch the recording below.

At HID, we aim to make security easier for organizations and provide a ‘one stop shop’ for workforce authentication that incorporates the highest standards in the market. We provide scalable, future-proofed and interoperable solutions including:

  • Smart cards and security keys that support multiple protocols including FIDO2, PKI/PIV, OATH, Seos and more to provide secure PC and Windows logon, VPN access, email and document encryption, in addition to converged physical and logical access
  • Authentication software plus certificate-based Credential Management System which supports the same protocols and enable seamless access to a wide range of corporate networks, applications and data

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Maria MacRitchie leads the product marketing efforts for the IAM Workforce Authentication solution globally. She has over 15 years of experience with B2B and B2C product, services and marketing communications within the IT and telecom industries. Maria has been with HID for 7 years, holding various communication roles within the Professional Services, PACS Cloud Services and Product Marketing teams.