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The Three Topics Dominating Physical Access Conversations Right Now

What’s hot in the world of access control? After participating in several leading shows, we’re struck by the similar conversations heard ‘round the world on the state of security. Recently, IFSEC offered another chance for HID to hear from our end users and competitors, as well as present our own innovations. 

Any organization seeking better, more convenient solutions is in luck — physical access control just keeps getting better in multiple ways. This blog post covers a few key trends that are getting the most talk.

Sustainable Badges Are Here

Environmentally-friendly solutions are no longer nice-to-have additions. These days, organizations and end users are all but requiring insight into suppliers’ green initiatives, and like everything else, physical credentials are under increased scrutiny.

Sustainability initiatives have been hot topics everywhere, including at HID. IFSEC offered us a great opportunity to announce our first HID Eco Card, Seos® Bamboo. This portfolio of sustainable physical access cards is made from bamboo certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Using this sustainable material offers organizations a greener alternative to the traditional PVC card — while still providing industry-leading security. Stay current on the HID Eco Card.

Of course, bamboo isn’t the only green option, and mobile access continues to be a great option that also supports the drive to being a more sustainably-orientated organization.

Mobile Access Is Taking Center Stage

We use them to call, text, email, pay for purchases and browse the web — and now mobile devices are used to grant access to all types of buildings.

Mobile apps aren’t just a great way to unlock doors. Since they don’t require any additional cards, they can dramatically reduce plastic and related consumable use.

We’re seeing mobile access implemented into a building’s very design, as seen in Skyliner and HB Reavis’ Varso Tower, two skyscrapers in mainland Europe. Their feature-rich apps enhance both security and convenience at far more than the front door, allowing staff to access secure printers, elevators and lockers, and even pay for cafeteria purchases.

Plus, digital badges may not even require additional apps — credentials can now be added to your existing digital wallet. Learn more about mobile credentials.

Credentials in Wallet are here to stay

HID began deploying employee badge in Apple Wallet last year in North America and Australia, with the first European deployment taking place earlier in 2023. We’ve since extended this offering to the rest of Europe and projects are rolling out widely. While HID Mobile Access® has long supported a secure and convenient user experience via HID Approve and SDK-built custom apps, these partnerships allow users to access physical places and digital spaces with the same digital wallet app they already use to make everyday purchases. 

Check out how we’ve recently deployed employee badge in Apple Wallet in landmark sites such as 22 Bishopsgate, London.

Learn more about HID credentials in Wallet.

These three hot topics of conversation at IFSEC and other trade shows echo the findings of recent HID-commissioned research. We dove into what matters most in the security and identity marketplace, and what it means for suppliers and buyers of access control solutions. If you haven’t read it already, be sure to check out our report on the state of access control.

Spencer Marshall is HID’s Head of Europe for PACS. With 20+ years’ of account and client management experience in a number of industries, he’s an industry expert known for adapting to market conditions and opportunities. Spencer and his European team focus on strategizing large global projects as well as delivering to local specifications.