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A Bright New Era for User Authentication

Passwords are a never-ending source of frustration. There are too many of them, they’re easy to forget and they constantly need to be reset or updated. Worse still, they’re an easy target for cybercriminals, putting your digital assets at risk.

In today’s world, to stay productive and keep your data safe, you need a simpler strategy that’s strong but still convenient for users and painless for your organization to deploy and manage. This is where single sign-on (SSO) authentication comes in!

Eliminate Hassle and Tighten Security With RFID-Enabled Single Sign-On

Now you can ditch passwords for good and tap into the benefits of a more advanced system.

With SSO authentication, users log in just once, at the start of each work session. They simply present their smartphone or a smart card to a radio-frequency identification (RFID) reader. Authenticated users can then seamlessly access all the digital and physical resources they need in their workspace without having to keep signing in and out. At the same time, SSO makes life easier for your IT helpdesk team by eliminating requests for password resets and related troubleshooting support.

Even better, SSO makes it harder for the bad guys to access your data given that credentials are stored internally, not on external systems. And since there are no passwords, it’s impossible to break into user accounts via phishing attacks.

Up Your Game by Adding Multi-Factor Authentication

As digital technology evolves and hackers become savvier, protecting your assets from a number of angles is the smartest way to bulletproof your system and stay two steps ahead of cybercrime threats.

For greater peace of mind, fortify your digital front even further with multi-factor authentication (MFA). In this approach, an initial SSO is followed by one or more additional user-friendly verifications that you select from a range of options including physical tokens, biometric recognition, location factors and one-time passcodes.

Next-Generation Access Control Solutions

HID offers several authentication devices that free users from the burden of remembering passwords. With the OMNIKEY® desktop readers, users can securely log in with a smartphone,  card or wearable.

For a complete end-to-end solution, OMNIKEY readers are combined with HID’s DigitalPersona® (DP) Workstation. This robust, full-featured workstation client offers passwordless SSO authentication and MFA for enhanced security. It uses RFID readers or fingerprint recognition to grant access to resources, and supports a range of other authentication form factors, allowing you to choose the ones that best match your needs.

User authentication is also enabled by a Fast Identity Online (FIDO) solution that functions like a lock and key. To access the service, a user confirms their identity on their device using a local authenticator such as a biometric or a smart card. This information is then transmitted to the service, which in turn authorizes access. By combining layered protocols, the solution takes security to a new level.

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Christian is Director of Product & Program Management and responsible for the Embedded and Desktop RFID portfolio for the Extended Access Technologies business area, including iCLASS SE Reader Module and OMNIKEY. He has degrees in electrical engineering and business administration and more than ten years of experience in product management for different industries.