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Reimagine “Access Granted” Across the Workplace — Employee Badge in Apple Wallet

There are 2.3 billion mobile wallets in use around the world, with the majority of those tucked away on an Apple device. The convenience of easily pulling up digital credentials — credit cards, boarding tickets, hotel keys, etc. — from an iPhone or Apple Watch is familiar and certainly satisfying. Now, that convenience is extended into the workplace with the power of employee badges accessible from Apple Wallet.

Keys to the (Work) Kingdom

With Apple Wallet and their digital keys always in hand, employees gain greater efficiencies as soon as they begin the workday. Like a magic wand, today’s employee badge provides easy authentication. Just presenting the iPhone or Apple Watch to the reader gives you access to:

  • Buildings/doors
  • Turnstiles
  • Printers
  • Desktops PCs/workstations, networks and cloud applications
  • Elevators
  • Confidential and restricted areas
  • Time and attendance clocks
  • Smart locks and lockers

Organizations are empowered with newfound capabilities stowed in Apple Wallets — and when paired with trusted credentials, the possibilities are endless. HID’s newest eBook, The Power of Employee Badge in the Apple Wallet, describes a number of advantages around this digital shift for both employees and IT professionals managing the corporate access and authentication process.

Secure Access for All

Beyond granting secure, contactless access to employees, HID’s employee badge in Apple Wallet provides organizations with more flexibility and users with a better experience. Management earns new levels of productivity and visibility into credentials, and permissions can be adjusted at anytime from anywhere — all through the company’s existing access control system and integrated third-party hardware platforms. It’s all backed by market-leading security and convenience from HID.

Additional featured fun facts in the eBook include:

  • Self-Enrollment Is a Snap. It’s easy for administrators and users alike. Employees, visitors and contractors simply enroll themselves and “tap” into their assigned digital realm.
  • Defend Digital Data. Whether onsite at the office or working remotely, single sign-on (SSO) ensures simple, secure access at digital points throughout the day.
  • No Power? No Problem. Access continues even when an iPhone or Apple Watch needs to be charged.
  • Door Propping Dangers. It’s not just an issue of unauthorized access, but also a serious risk when it comes to fire safety and exposure to dangerous pathogens. That’s something worth closing the door on!

Is your organization ready to modernize its access systems and evolve employee badges into Apple Wallet? It simply makes good sense to spend less time authenticating, and more time focused on the tasks at hand.

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Oriol is the Business Development Manager for the Americas within the Extended Access Technologies (EAT) Business Area. His main focus is RFID and Biometric Solutions. Based in Austin, TX, Oriol joined HID in 2008 in Germany and has held multiple technical and business roles, including EMEA Field Application Engineer for RFID products in Barcelona, Spain and Global Professional Services Manager for HID Biometrics and RFID products in Albuquerque, NM. Oriol is results-oriented with strong analytical skills that fit a dual-strength profile: technical and business. He received an EMBA from IESE in 2016, an MS Degree in Business Administration in 2012 and an MS Degree in Telecommunications Engineering in 2007 from Universitat Autonoma de Bellaterra.  Oriol brings more than 15 years of experience in the electronic security industry where he has developed deep expertise in the following areas: smartcards, RFID cards, ePassports, visas, SIM cards, eHealth, payments, BLE, cryptography, fingerprint biometrics and facial recognition. In his free time, Oriol enjoys sailing and is maritime trained, having held a sailing license since 1999.