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Secure Authentication at Scale without Compromising Performance

The Quest to Make Each Log-in Fast, Reliable and Secure

Today’s banking, government and enterprise platforms routinely handle thousands of log-in requests per second. If authentication is too slow, users are more likely to give up on the process. In fact, more than 60% of consumers have abandoned an online transaction due to problems verifying their identity. Meanwhile, roughly half of all digital banking customers walk away from their primary bank due to friction in the process.

Of course, usability and speed don’t mean much if your authentication techniques let fraudsters into the system. More than 8 in 10 consumers say it’s the responsibility of business to protect consumer data. In the U.K., regulators agree, and will soon hold banks responsible for reimbursing customers up to £415,000 for authorized push payment (APP) fraud.

What’s the best way to quickly and securely allow your growing customer base to transact online while meeting your industry’s unique regulatory and compliance requirements? 

At HID, the answer is to subject our Authentication Platform to rigorous third-party testing to ensure its security, stability and scalability. Here’s how we do it. 

Testing for Scalability and Performance

Together with our partners, we regularly run stress tests to evaluate the performance of our solutions. These tests don’t take place in isolation, but in a production-like simulation using realistic scenarios and tech stacks. This enables us to assess everything from response times to efficiency and sustainability.

For example, HID’s partner, Temenos — a leading banking technology vendor — devised a benchmark test scenario that simulated a retail bank with 50 million customers and 100 million accounts. What would happen if this fictional client launched a new Banking-as-a-Service offering that added 50 new brands, 50 million customers and 200 million embedded finance loans … on a single platform?

The result: a benchmark of 150,080 transactions per second (TPS). Tests were run on the Temenos banking cloud, using the full Transact Suite on a Microsoft Azure platform and a MongoDB database, while incorporating comprehensive identity verification, authentication and real-time risk management capabilities powered by HID. 

The 2023 benchmark represents a 19% improvement compared to the prior year, when HID’s Authentication Platform was not yet integrated into the platform. It also demonstrates linear performance and scalability that proves our combined ability to power hundreds of millions of customers efficiently and sustainably in the cloud.

Another partner — Erste bank — performed a real-world scalability test when it migrated over four million users in three different countries, in parallel, from legacy systems to HID’s Authentication Platform, powered by HID Approve™. Despite this heavy load, the system achieved an average of 100 million logins per month, proving that the Temenos test results were not an aberration, but rather proof of our platform’s ability to efficiently handle high demand in realistic scenarios.

It also speaks to the resilience and availability of our services — availability that’s supported by a robust Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Protecting Sensitive Customer Data

It can be hard to evaluate vendor claims about data security without independent verification. How can you be sure that your technology partners are protecting sensitive customer information — and aren’t leaving you even more exposed to hackers and data breaches?

ISO 27001 and 27018 are gold standards for keeping digital information secure, and HID’s Authentication Platform has achieved ISO 27018:2019 certification. This standard builds on ISO 27001, with a focus on correctly handling Personally Identifiable Information (PII), helping customers feel confident that cloud services are handling PII correctly. This certification means third-party auditors have verified the way we protect our customers’ PII.

Many of HID’s Authentication Platform solutions have also been certified by the Agence nationale de la sécurité des systèmes d’information, or ANSSI — France’s national cybersecurity agency — for their ability to withstand cyberattacks.

From SOC2 to CSA, we’ve attained a number of additional independent certifications that speak to our solutions’ stability and security, to give our customers the confidence that we are meeting and exceeding the high standards they expect.

Delivering Frictionless & Secure Authentication

Digital service providers cannot afford authentication hiccups. We focus on rigorous testing and certifications because we know secure and frictionless experiences are paramount. HID's Authentication Platform delivers the speed, scalability and availability organizations need to provide the best user experience without compromising back-end performance, security or data. This dedication to excellence is recognized by clients, partners and industry experts alike.

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