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How Fingerprint Biometrics Enhance Security and Delight Customers for Banks

The banking industry is competitive — and protecting assets while delivering top-notch customer service has always been crucial. Today, people respond to the experience — and the investment driving this demand across banking and financial organizations is rooted in biometric authentication and verification. 

Biometric traits, like our fingerprints or faces, are unique to each individual and offer the highest level of identity assurance. Banks that are still doing business with manual verifications and long wait lines must shift to biometrics to compete. 

No Patience for Dated Processes

Do you remember waiting in line while bank employees manually verified your identity, and then did another round of checks, just to access your safe deposit box? This was the reality for one of the “Big Three” Singaporean banks that hampered their customer experience and exposed the business to security risks. This unreliable manual customer authentication process was time-consuming and frustrating for both bank employees and customers. In addition, the lack of an automated process resulted in no audit trail to support compliance efforts. 

Transforming Customer Service and Security With Biometrics

In partnership with NEC Asia Pacific and long-time distributor Apps-Connect, the HID Lumidigm V-Series fingerprint readers were deployed to modernize the customer identity authentication process for this Singaporean bank. 

Built with HID’s patented multispectral imaging (MSI) technology, the Lumidigm V-Series biometric fingerprint reader delivers the most reliable matching performance, regardless of skin conditions (dry, dirty, oily, wrinkled, damaged, etc.), demographics and harsh environments (direct sunlight, heat, cold, rain, snow, dirt, etc.). 

The HID fingerprint readers provide several key benefits to the bank, including:

  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Being able to authenticate customers quickly and reduce wait times
  • Matching with Acute Accuracy: The reader meets the ISO 30107-3 PAD Level 2 standard, ensuring accurate matching while rejecting fake or illegitimate attempts
  • Increased Security: The bank now has unquestionable visibility and an irrefutable audit trail to prove when and where individuals access the bank premises 
  • Improved Efficiency: Transforming to an automated, streamlined customer authentication process

A Great Experience Brings Customers Back

Today, biometric fingerprint readers add value across this prominent bank in Singapore — from streamlining verification at the main entrance to keeping a record of customers within the safe deposit area to private VIP lounge access — with the simple press of a finger. 

“I’ve been told the use of biometrics is the best thing that’s ever happened to this bank,” shared an NEC senior sales director. “It really helped lift the customer experience across their various ID touchpoints.”

Fingerprint biometrics empower the Singaporean bank to create a secure, efficient and customer-centric environment. Read more about this real-world use case: HID Fingerprint Biometrics Help a Prominent Bank in Singapore Achieve Extraordinary Customer Service. 

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