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Must-Haves for Mobile Access: 3 Features Every System Needs

Simplifying Access Control

People carry different things with them throughout the workday — wallet, car keys, laptop, perhaps a book or a water bottle. The one thing they’re all but sure to have on hand? A mobile device.

Now, a growing number of organizations are taking advantage of the devices’ ubiquity with systems that let employees use smartphones and watches to access doors, gates, networks and other workplace services. Known as mobile access, these technologies can improve user experience, strengthen security and boost operational efficiency — sustainably.

Yet there are a lot of different options for powering mobile access control, and they don’t all deliver on their promises. How can security leaders ensure a successful deployment?

In this post, we’ll review three key features every mobile access system needs.

Top 3 Must-Have Features for Mobile Access Control

The best mobile access solutions combine state-of-the security with a seamless user experience, and are easy for security teams to customize, manage and integrate with other access and building management systems. Look for solutions that offer the following three features.

1. Best-In-Class Security

Mobile access credentials, or mobile IDs, are protected through the same fingerprints, face scans and security keys that people use to secure their mobile devices. That’s a great start, but it’s not enough to protect them from compromise, theft and loss.

To ensure maximum security, look for:

  • Mobile IDs that are encrypted with at least AES-128, a symmetrical block cipher developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to encrypt and decrypt the world’s most sensitive data
  • Systems that store mobile IDs on the access control reader’s Secure Element (SE), which makes them nearly impossible to extract
  • Solutions that protect the privacy and security of sensitive data by complying with international standards like ISO 27001, SOC2 and GDPR

2. A Smooth User Experience

It’s not hard to appreciate the convenience of being able to access buildings and services with a device that’s nearly always nearby. Yet we’ve all experienced amenities that have overpromised and underdelivered after “going mobile.” Frustrated by your favorite restaurant’s mobile ordering interface? Chances are, you’ll stop using it.

By the same token, if your mobile access system can’t provide a user experience that’s convenient, seamless and smooth, your employees will revert back to the badges and key cards they’ve always used.

To maximize usability, look for:

  • Solutions that build trust by supporting both iOS and Android devices — which, together, make up more than 99% of global market share
  • Credentials that streamline the user experience by integrating with existing corporate apps and/or mobile wallets
  • Readers that maximize flexibility by integrating with systems that, besides doors, enable users to unlock desktops, printers, and cloud applications

3. Compatibility With Other Workplace Technologies

Smart buildings are the future, and mobile access is only one of the systems that will power intelligent working and living spaces. Protect the value of your investment by selecting a mobile access solution that integrates easily with other building management and access systems.

To maximize long-term value, look for:

  • Readers that maintain compatibility with existing access control systems by supporting Bluetooth® Low Energy, NFC and physical smart cards
  • Systems that maximize connectivity and streamline future upgrades by supporting the Open Supervised Device Protocol (OSDP), a secure, open protocol that’s based on the IEC 60839-11-5:2020 standard for electronic access control systems
  • Credentials that fit seamlessly into existing access control technologies and policies by encoding data in a format that’s easy to integrate with devices and systems from different vendors

Making the Most of Mobile Access

The best mobile access solutions enhance security and streamline operations for employees and administrators alike. Workers enjoy easy access to facilities and services using a device that’s always with them — no more forgotten badges or keycards! Administrators can issue and revoke credentials remotely, via a secure, cloud-based management platform. That makes mobile access perfectly suited to the age of hybrid work, where smooth, cross-platform collaboration has become a critical business requirement.

Mobile access strengthens security and streamlines usability — but only when it’s done right. To learn more, read our guide, Ready for Mobile Access? What to Consider Before Making the Switch >>

Jaroslav leads Product Marketing for Europe, helping the region build and execute winning business strategies. A business leader with extensive experience in the security, identification and electronic industries, he empowers sales and marketing leaders across the globe to show customers the full power of HID access control technologies.