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How HID Helped Avolon Re-Imagine Security – Part 1

Selecting A New Access Control System

Moving to a new office presents a natural opportunity for companies to re-evaluate access control. In a recent webinar, Moving to Mobile Access Control, James Moore of IFSEC Global and Peter Walsh of HID Global spoke with Allan Dawson, Workplace Services Team Manager at aircraft leasing company Avolon, about his company’s 2018 relocation to a new global headquarters in Dublin.

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What factors were most important as Dawson’s team evaluated potential solutions? Listen to the clip — or read our lightly edited transcript — to find out.

We moved to a 77,000 square-foot building. That was a big change for us. We were previously in a 20,000 square-foot building, that was part of a larger building at the time. When we moved to this new facility, we took the entire building. And that presented its own challenges in terms of access control.

Selecting the Best Technology

Previously, we used the landlord's system. Now, we had the opportunity to put in place our own. And this building was literally finished with construction two days before we started our fit-out. So, it was all about what's the best technology that we can put in? What's going to sustain us into the future so that we're not having to revisit these things every 18 months or two years?

Alleviating Administrative Overhead

We spoke to our integrator, Summit Security, and Robbie Devlin, who's the local HID contact, and we started to explore the opportunities and technologies that were available. The mobile access reader was brought in, and straight away we were like, “Yeah, this is definitely something that we want to get onto.”

Cards are great, and you hang them around your neck, and they are an identifier. That's fantastic. But cards are not convenient. People leave cards in their cars. They leave them in their handbags. They leave them in their other pair of trousers. And this process of constantly reissuing cards can be a pain. It gives, as I would say, unnecessary administrative overhead that we could all do without. So, this mobile access solution was right on point for us.

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Steve Shale is responsible for leading and coordinating demand generation programs and channel marketing activities for HID's Physical Access Control Solutions (PACS) business area in Europe. He has over 20 years' experience working in B2B marketing, 15 of which have been in the safety and security industries.