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How HID Helped Avolon Re-Imagine Security – Part 2

Supporting A Mobile Workforce

Despite the pandemic, today’s workforce is more mobile than ever. How can companies support this mobility without compromising security? In a recent webinar, Moving to Mobile Access Control, James Moore of IFSEC Global and Peter Walsh of HID Global spoke with Allan Dawson, Workplace Services Team Manager at aircraft leasing company Avolon, about his company’s recent rollout of HID Mobile Access®.

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Why did Avolon decide to deploy HID’s mobile access solution not just at the new HQ, but also at other offices around the world? Listen to the clip — or read our lightly edited transcript — to find out.

Dublin was our initial move, but Dublin was the start of a global refresh of our real estate locations. We had a new brand that we were rolling out as well. We moved offices in Hong Kong, New York and Florida. So, at that time, we took this solution and said that this is our standard. We rolled it out to every location. Now, we can issue a credential to someone in Hong Kong, and if they travel to Dublin the same device works. We have the same access control back-end that supports that.

A More Convenient Approach to Security

We are a very mobile workforce, given the nature of what we do. Clearly, with Covid, less so, but certainly up until that point, we would regularly have people visiting Dublin and going between the other offices. Again, when someone's traveling, the first thing they think of is not their card, but everybody's going to bring their phone.

That means when someone turns up at the HQ, they're just able to get access. They don't feel like, “Oh, well, I'm a New York employee, so I have to go through a process to access HQ.” It's like, “No, I can walk in here, the same as I would walk into my home office, use my phone, it authenticates and away I go.”

That user experience within the organization levels everything out. No one feels differentiated just because they are based in another office.

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Steve Shale is responsible for leading and coordinating demand generation programs and channel marketing activities for HID's Physical Access Control Solutions (PACS) business area in Europe. He has over 20 years' experience working in B2B marketing, 15 of which have been in the safety and security industries.