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Choose Your Own ‘Access’ Adventure: New Interactive Experience From HID

Do you sometimes daydream about adding more security, efficiency and a modern makeover to your workplace or university? Are you aware of how simple it can be to add new/additional access points so employees, visitors and students can glide through their daily routines with the flash of a device?

Drop into the new HID interactive experience to preview how your office, university, healthcare setting and other environment can transform into a world of convenient connections thanks to the easy and secure nature of RFID user authentication. Our Choose Your OMNIKEY online tool offers several smart city scenarios to explore (more coming soon!), each with access points demonstrated across buildings and computing system use cases to highlight HID’s simple, single Powerful Platform for RFID User Authentication. In case you are already aware of the power of RFID authentication, you can directly select the optimal product which suits your requirements by using the new Product Selector.

Office People … Tap Into the Mobile Movement

Scroll through the floors of the Choose Your OMNIKEY Office layout to witness how — from the parking garage to the top corner office — intuitive identity authentication drives a seamless, secure and frictionless encounter when formerly disparate systems are intelligently connected.

Click on the various access points, skim the basics, dive into more details or simply slide select use cases into your virtual OMNIKEY Wish List to review and pursue when you’re ready.

Some of the ways you can elevate the value of your corporate RFID credential and authentication experience include adding access points to:

  • Physical Buildings — Control who is allowed to enter your facilities
  • Parking Garages — Give staff or visitors access to parking lot or rapid EV charging
  • Time & Attendance — Secure your entrance and manage footfall
  • Visitor Management — Comply with regulatory requirements
  • Secure Lockers The same credential used to enter your facilities can securely give you access your lockers at work 
  • Meeting Rooms — Facilitate smooth operations within the business
  • Elevators — Monitor access to different floors and zones
  • Secure Printing — Manage budget and avoid clumsy access codes
  • Vending Machines — Offer staff benefits in a controlled way
  • Computer Access — Know who is in your network in real-time
  • Server Access — Track access to your server at any time

Campus Dwellers … Harness the Power of the Connected Campus

Navigate the virtual Choose Your OMNIKEY University layout to get educated about the many opportunities to cater to the “born digital” student populations of today. Lessons will cover the flexibility and future-proof nature of RFID authentication, which adds high degrees of convenience, security and cost-effective access. 

Forward-thinking universities are empowering students and faculty via a mobile-first campus with smart access to many areas, including:

  • Course Registration & Management — Welcome students with efficiency and security
  • Physical Access to Buildings — Ensure smooth comings and goings of students and staff
  • Single Sign-On — Offer seamless access to IT
  • Borrowing Books — Monitor library usage and returns
  • Cafeterias — Operate a cashless refreshment area
  • Gyms — Easily manage memberships
  • Smart Lockers — Provide secure and reliable storage

Healthcare Heroes … Prescribe a Good Dose of Access

Move visually through the hospital wings via the interactive Choose Your OMNIKEY Hospital/Healthcare illustration. See how the trusted, powerful OMNIKEY platform from HID is the right tech treatment plan for curing today’s painful access points.

Maintain healthy identity authentication to comply with mandatory security standards:

  • People Management — Monitor and manage access for staff, patients and visitors
  • Confidential/Restricted Areas — Control access and deliver the highest level of security
  • Medical Supplies Dispensing — Easily and securely interact with patient medication
  • Drug Prescription & Insurance (EPCS) — Work with pharmacies on electronic prescriptions

The Product Selector … Filter and Choose the Right Product for Your Need

In case you are looking for a reader for your specific requirements, just navigate through the Product Selector module. This is where you get a deeper understanding of our OMNIKEY products using filters to select between desktop readers or reader modules, choosing your card standards and formats, other protocols or type of host interfaces. The product selector will identify the best suited RFID-powered product for your identity authentication and verification needs.

The Possibilities Are Endless

Our experts can help you explore every possibility to mix and match the right access points and products to fit your budget and expectations now while preserving the ability to grow with your business. HID user verification solutions help organizations extend or deploy simple, secure credentials to level-up every day conveniences and connections across businesses, campuses and their brand experience.

Interested in modernizing your spaces and places with best-in-class, smart connections?

Exercise your imagination with HID’s intriguing new interactive experience.

Helmut has been in the security business for more than 25 years in various management roles for some of the leading suppliers of a broad range of security solutions. He also holds some patents. Within the last 20 years he has successfully led different engineering, global product management and marketing teams. His portfolio includes one of the first VPN products ever as well as solutions for HW-based encryption solutions in combination with RFID technologies managed by his various teams. He has been with HID now for more than 10 years with a focus on RFID technologies, and is used to challenging the status quo in seeking more customer-friendly solutions and services.