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Streamline Time and Attendance With Connected Workplace Technologies

Faster Authentication, More Accurate Accounting

Where do your employees really spend their time?

Organizations that have invested in Connected Workplace technologies — which link their physical access control with other systems like time and attendance — can answer the question with accuracy and ease.

Here’s how it works. The same credential your employees use to open a door and access your facilities can automatically record their entry and exit times. For employees, the process is fast and convenient; after all, they are already used to carrying their company credentials while at work. For employers, the technology comes with a host of additional benefits, from eliminating time theft to reducing payroll errors.

In this post, we’ll unpack those benefits and explain how Connected Workplace technologies — in particular, workforce management systems — can make your time and attendance procedures more accurate, streamlined and secure.

Stop Time Theft in its Tracks

Time theft occurs when an employee is paid for time they were not actually at work. The American Society of Employers estimates that 20 cents of every dollar earned by a U.S. company is lost to employee time theft. Some employees pad their hourly timesheets, while others clock in for coworkers who aren’t really there.

Connected workforce management systems eliminate time theft by tying time and attendance to people’s physical presence. If the credential someone uses to enter a facility is the same one that automatically clocks them in, this type of deceit becomes more difficult — especially if that credential is linked to a mobile phone they are reluctant to share with their friends.

Reduce Payroll Errors

Overtime, commissions, deductions — payroll administrators have a lot to keep track of. Time tracking errors can also contribute to miscalculated pay and excess overhead. These errors are surprisingly common, and they add up. In fact, the IRS has estimated that around one-third of employers make a payroll mistake in any given year.

Workforce management systems eliminate these errors by tracking hours automatically and eliminating the need for expensive manual oversight. In so doing, they also help maintain compliance with local work regulations, streamlining payroll audits and protecting organizations from the risks of employee misclassification.

Create a Transparent Work Environment

Connected Workplace technologies hold people accountable for their actions at work, while streamlining basic tasks like accessing buildings and tracking hours worked. The experience is simple and convenient, and security can be customized to different tasks and facilities — for example, by requiring people to take additional steps to verify their identities before entering a restricted area.

Time is precious. Help employees protect its value by ensuring that the right people have the right access at the right time, seamlessly and securely.

You don’t need to juggle passwords, apps, smart cards and fobs to get through your workday. Learn more about the power of Connected Workplace technologies >>

Christian is Director of Product & Program Management and responsible for the Embedded and Desktop RFID portfolio for the Extended Access Technologies business area, including iCLASS SE Reader Module and OMNIKEY. He has degrees in electrical engineering and business administration and more than ten years of experience in product management for different industries.