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Secure Printing Starts With Strong User Authentication

It’s estimated that 20% of print jobs are never retrieved, and 70% of organizations fall victim to print-related data breaches. While digital transformation is rolling through businesses, many bits and bytes still wind up printed, abandoned and forgotten in the output tray. This is not only wasteful but also presents looming liabilities depending on the nature of the content. 

Businesses can better protect themselves and the environment by adopting secure print management practices. This centers around safeguarding data and privacy while conserving resources by simply adding user authentication to every print job. Whether it’s RFID-based credentials or harnessing the power of biometrics, this smart, speedy addition to your tech lineup can help to fortify your unfolding digital ecosystem. 

Sensible Printing With Secure Credentials

Secure print functionality is enabled by integrating RFID or biometric technology into printer systems for strong user authentication. This technology approach holds print jobs until the identity of the authorized person is verified. Verification is done using credentials stored on a range of form factors, including cards, mobile phones, smart watches or one’s fingerprint. It’s only after the individual authenticates themselves that the print job is initiated and released — ensuring that important information isn’t left unattended and forgotten. 

This print-upon-approach is driven by a single trusted identity that can also be conveniently cast across multiple systems to facilitate access to physical places (buildings, smart lockers, vending machinesEV charging stations) or logical access for digital applications (single sign-on, POS systems, time and attendance, etc.). From banking and finance to healthcare, government, retail and enterprise, organizations are incorporating the potency of secure access into everyday processes.

RFID technology, such as HID’s OMNIKEY® family of desktop readers and embedded modules, supports secure print by enabling strong authentication using smart cards, fobs or mobile phones. Users experience “access granted” with the simple tap of their device as they move throughout the premises. Even more efficiency can be added with employee badge in Apple Wallet, which integrates easily into existing access control systems and provides administrators with an easy-to-distribute and manage credentials experience.

For companies interested in a biometric solution for secure print purposes, fingerprint authentication continues to represent one of the most popular modalities as it’s fast, accurate and leverages something employees always have with them — their fingerprint. The efficiency and elevated user experience afforded by biometrics are big contributors to today’s secure, seamless workflow that’s being experienced across busy connected ecosystems.

When using a secure print management application with fingerprint readers, users simply approach the printer and tap their finger on the reader’s surface to release their print job. It’s intuitive and secure, and its print-on-demand feature drastically reduces waste while shoring up potential data vulnerabilities. The right document is released into the hands of the right person every time.

Adding RFID or biometric-based secure print functionality to workplace settings brings numerous advantages: 

  • Cost Savings Reduce paper, toner and electricity 
  • Pro-Productivity Support enhanced, onsite collaboration with a fluid user experience
  • Passwordless Improve security by removing the need for pin pad codes and passwords 
  • Extended Credentials Reach Enhance the value of your security investment by broadening the usage around existing credentials
  • Champion Compliance Provide an additional layer of data protection and facilitate industry-specific compliance requirements (HIPPA, Sarbanes-Oxley, PCI, GDPR, etc.)
  • Revenue Generation Facilitate the ability to charge for on-demand printing across venues

A Comprehensive Portfolio of Strong User Authentication 

HID’s fingerprint biometrics and RFID technologies for secure print are cost-effective and boast a compact footprint to align with the design and aesthetics of leading printer solutions. These components — which can be either a standalone peripheral or incorporated into the printer system — offer varying capture methods, security features, form factors and industry certifications.

With a single credential that extends across workplace applications, employees can easily access and interact with printers while protecting privacy and preserving resources. Moreover, quick and hassle-free authentication powered by HID also creates an audit trail of accountability.

HID’s user authentication devices are deployed by organizations and agencies across the world to verify and confirm identities and protect people, privacy and businesses. Many organizations opt to use biometrics in conjunction with mobile credentials and cards. Whether you choose an RFID- or biometrics-based secure printing solution, HID has an offering tailored to your needs. 

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