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Revolutionizing Airport Boarding for Seamless Travel and Enhanced Passenger Experience

In the ever-evolving aviation industry, achieving seamless air travel and delivering an exceptional passenger experience are top priorities. As airports and airlines seek innovative solutions to streamline processes, the BGR700 boarding gate reader emerges as a game changer. This cutting-edge device revolutionizes the boarding process at staffed boarding gates, ensuring efficiency and passenger satisfaction.

Overcoming the Smartphone Challenge for Seamless Travel

The widespread adoption of electronic boarding passes has introduced a new challenge for seamless travel at boarding gates. Alternative readers often require passengers to present their smartphones face down, leading to accidental button presses, screen touches, or auto-locking — all of which disrupt the boarding pass display. These disruptions not only hinder the passenger experience but also cause unnecessary delays.

Eliminating the Grip and Visibility Dilemma

The BGR700 boarding gate ticket reader addresses the common issue of passengers gripping their phones when turning them face down. Its innovative 'showerhead' design eliminates the need for this action, preventing accidental disruptions to the boarding pass display. By ensuring a clear view of the boarding pass throughout the process, the BGR700 contributes to a seamless air travel experience for passengers.

Introducing BGR700: Enhancing Passenger Experience

As the successor to the BGR135, the BGR700 incorporates the latest advancements in design and technology to elevate the passenger experience at staffed boarding gates. Its unique design allows for effortless scanning of boarding passes, eliminating the need for passengers to flip their phones. This streamlined process reduces delays, minimizes frustration and enhances the overall passenger experience.

bgr700 ticket reader

Key Features

  • Scanning orientation — face-up, omnidirectional
  • Compatibility — 2D barcoded boarding passes across all media types
  • User interface — large color display with configurable visual and audio feedback

Additional technical information is available on the datasheet.

Accommodating All Boarding Pass Formats for an Inclusive Passenger Experience

The BGR700's versatility extends to accommodate various boarding pass formats, catering to the diverse preferences of passengers. Its large aperture allows for seamless scanning of boarding passes displayed on smartwatches, tablets and even traditional paper passes. This inclusive approach, part of HID's commitment to providing innovative air travel document reading technology, ensures that all passengers, regardless of their chosen boarding pass format, can enjoy a seamless air travel experience.

Enabling On-Time Departures and Satisfied Passengers

By implementing the BGR700 boarding gate reader, airports and airlines can significantly enhance operational efficiency and passenger satisfaction. The streamlined boarding process contributes to on-time departures, a crucial factor in the passenger experience. With fewer delays and a seamless travel experience, passengers are more likely to leave the airport with a positive impression and a smile on their faces.

Streamlining Boarding Processes for a New Era of Air Travel

In the pursuit of seamless air travel and exceptional passenger experience, the BGR700 stands out as a revolutionary solution. By addressing common challenges and accommodating various boarding pass formats, this innovative boarding gate ticket reader sets a new standard for efficiency and passenger satisfaction. Airports and airlines that adopt the BGR700 are well-positioned to deliver a seamless travel experience that leaves a lasting positive impression on passengers.

Take the Next Step Towards Seamless Airport Travel

The adoption of the latest boarding gate reader technology substantially revolutionizes the way airports and airlines handle the boarding process. Airports keen on offering a seamless travel experience must consider deploying advanced boarding gate ticket readers, like the BGR700. This innovative technology embodies intuitive design and robust functionality, playing a critical role in streamlining passenger flow.

Discover the transformative capabilities of the BGR700 and see how it revolutionizes the boarding process at staffed airport gates by watching our explainer video.

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