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PIAM — Manage and Centralize Workforce Access for Different Locations and Resources

Shifting from the notion that security is static to one that is evolving about every six months, organizations worldwide are avidly seeking to adjust the way they operate by turning to the power of PIAM solutions. As the demand for centralized workforce access has skyrocketed, and protection and security remain at the forefront of our concerns, organizations of all kinds have struggled to piece together disparate systems and workflows. HID Global's technology has emerged as a powerful force helping millions of people in more than 100 countries gain secure access to physical and digital places.

The Right Access to Physical Places: The Challenge of PIAM Growth

In today’s modern and heavily digitized age, organizations are continuously evolving. For example, what once was just a fraction of employees who needed access to various digital or physical places has transformed into nearly all employees who must gain such access, as their responsibilities have shifted and organizations have scaled to increase their brick-and-mortar locations.

Along with this growth has accompanied a greater need to ensure that the right people are attaining the right access to physical entities at all times. This is especially true if every location has different access systems. And for those organizations with FTEs in the hundreds or thousands, it becomes exceptionally difficult — or even impossible — to proceed via manual processing without rendering acute/chronic errors and hindering processes for other things like multiple access control and physical security revolving around visitor and threshold management.

Full Centralized Transformation: The Potential of PIAM Technology

PIAM technology, also known as physical identity and access management, is an all-encompassing resource that enables centralized workforce access regardless of organizational size or objective. Using the art of automation and security regulations to make access management both error-free and accurate among sites and departments, organizations are able to cost-effectively centralize their internal/external access processes to solidify invulnerable sustainability. The result? Access management becomes a contoured part of business that eliminates worry, risk and manual resources while concurrently allowing the proper people to access the proper channels. Offering other key benefits, PIAM:

  • Eliminates the risk of duplicated information or outdated profiling
  • Ensures employee data protection, immune security processes and regulatory compliances
  • Curbs the problematic issue of passwords and security question lockouts
  • Simplifies access for employees, management, IT and security teams
  • Provides access to the right channels everywhere due to full centralization
  • Protects against data loss and security breaches

Leverage the “AM” in PIAM With HID SAFE™ Enterprise

Centralized workforce access is an essential component of running a seamless, secure and error-free network for organizations of all sizes and throughout all industries. Keeping in mind that PIAM is critical to protecting identities within the workforce, the “AM” aspect of this technology is vital for coherent access and transparent communication from one internal leadership circle to another. It is what pushes organizations ahead without sacrificing process/access management quality or risking the hindrance of bottom-line growth due to human error build-up. Couple that with the innovative solutions cultivated through HID SAFE that also arm against unwarranted access, you can be confident that you'll attain the centralized workforce access management support you need so you can focus your attention on where it's valued the most — your people, your stakeholders and executing organizational decisions that will propel everyone forward across the pipeline.

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Matthew Lewis is the Director of Product Marketing for HID Global helping drive the go to market for the Workforce business unit within the Identity and Access Management Solutions business area. He has led product marketing organizations for five years with experience in both vertical and horizontal global markets. Prior to joining HID, he spent time at a global software provider in the energy sector, in the collaboration and communication software space, and marketing cybersecurity products at Entrust.