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The Importance of Legal Identity and Significance of International Identity Day

We are committed to supporting International Identity Day and further raising awareness around what it means to have a legally recognized identity in today’s world.

A Quick Recap

Yesterday, our colleagues shared a blog post explaining the origins of International Identity Day and why we at HID are such fervent supporters. Since 2018, ID4Africa has called upon governments and organizations to come together to help reach the goal of granting legal identity for all global citizens by 2030.

How Serious of an Issue Is the Absence of Identity?

Over one billion people in the world have no form of legal identification. A lack of official identification prevents people from accessing basic human rights services like health care, education or even signing up for a bank account.

Identity is the most basic of human rights. At HID Global, our focus is ensuring you are who you say you are by providing organizations and governments the means to issue top-of-the-line documentation to prove that. International Identity Day accomplishes two things: first, it supports a humanitarian effort, and second, this effort will ultimately help energize economies by opening up new opportunities for those who were previously locked out.

How HID Is Marking the Occasion

We are spending the week educating ourselves and each other about the issues surrounding the identity crisis and using HID channels to share the message of International Identity Day. To learn more, check out this video that shows how identity is the least appreciated superpower:

Thank you for taking the time to read this and learn more as we take this week to learn more for ourselves. We are proud to continue to provide industry-leading card issuance solutions you can rely on — and to join in taking an active role in the conversation surrounding identity.


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10월은 국가 사이버 보안의 달입니다

매년 10월은 정부와 사이버 보안 업계가 협력을 도모하기 위해 지정한 국가 사이버 보안 인식의 달(NCSAM)입니다. 이 교육 기간 동안 유익한 정보를 통해 기업과 개인이 온라인에서 스스로를 보호할 수 있는 방법에 대한 인식을 고취시킬 수 있습니다.