Seal Tag edTamper Aura

New Launch: Seal Tag edTamper Aura

We have recently launched our new Seal Tag edTamper Aura that is designed to securely track and trace highly sensitive assets for governmental, commercial, pharmaceuticals and other law enforcement agencies. Applicable assets include weapons, armory, storage racks/containers, controlled medicines or any items that need frequent and accurate safety and security checks.

The edTamper Aura is a robust and tamper evident RAIN® RFID UHF tag. For example, the tag can easily be affixed by locking the secure wire loop around a weapon’s trigger guard or a hole suitable for padlocks. Once secure, the loop cannot be opened without breaking the wire, and the tag will report the open/close status without line of sight to any RAIN RFID reader.

One of the many benefits of a passive to active RAIN RFID tag is that you can itemize and detect the status of your assets without ever having to open the storage container. For example, upon arriving at a new destination, the sealed assets travel through an RFID enabled conveyer belt gate, identifying each asset and ensuring the tag has not been tampered with or removed without opening the box. As a result, the logistics of transporting your valuable assets become secure, faster and more efficient.

Using a standard RAIN RFID reader, items are accurately scanned and detected. If the item has been tampered with, then the tag digitally alerts using a different status if the seal is compromised. Two kbit of user memory allows for local storage of custom workflow and processing information on the tag, besides the standard EPC code for identification. Additionally, the tag can include laser engraved logos, text, QR or bar codes for optical readability.

Furthermore, an unaltered tag also indicates that you are guaranteed the real original product instead of a counterfeit.

Use Cases

The Seal Tag edTamper Aura is not constricted only to weapon tracking, but also can be used in other industries such as healthcare. Healthcare kits are crucial for emergency use as they contain valuable assets from medicine to organs. The contents inside each kit must be kept secure, unharmed and trusted while offering full assurance that it has not been tampered with. The Seal Tag can be placed over the lock of the kit to ensure nothing opens after being inspected and sealed for use. Thus, a broken seal would indicate that either the contents inside the kit have been compromised or have been used already.

Seal Tag edTamper Aura used on medical kits

As illustrated above, there can be many use cases for the Seal Tag edTamper Aura. If you would like to learn more about whether this tag can be beneficial for you, check out the Seal Tag edTamper Aura full product details or contact sales at


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