SlimFlex tag

Introducing HID Global® SlimFlex™ Ultra Technical Label

After tremendous feedback and recommendation from our customers and partners, we are thrilled to introduce the highly durable and conspicuously thin HID Global® SlimFlex™ Ultra Technical Label.

Standard RFID tags are regularly prone to wear and tear and can be expensive to replace frequently. However, the thin SlimFlex Ultra tag is optimized to ensure a higher durability compared to traditional label designs. They are made from polycarbonate (PC) housings, which make them one of the best products for indoor and outdoor applications.

The tags are customizable using laser marking or printing. As a result, the embedded electronic is protected and can endure harsh conditions from chemicals to extreme temperature. Additionally, the SlimFlex Ultra is optimized for non-metallic flat or slightly curved surfaces.

Delivery and application are simple. The tags arrive as individual pieces with strong adhesive and easy-to-peel-off tape for fast mounting. Whether it is tagging bins for waste management or tracking goods for logistics packaging, the SlimFlex Ultra Technical Label is ideal for harsh environments and easy tracking. 

Use Cases & Real Examples

One of our customers in the waste management industry has already utilized the SlimFlex Ultra tag by applying them on plastic residential garbage bins. Their tags were custom-made with same color as the bin to disguise them when placed under the lip of the bin. The industrial strong adhesive holds the tag to the bin despite the various changes in weather and temperature.

trash cans with SlimFlex tags attached

SlimFlex tags can additionally be beneficial in the food distribution industry where health and safety are paramount. Many food items, such as meats and produce, are carefully separated while in transit to avoid contamination. SlimFlex tags can be placed on different types of crates holding specific goods to track not only where the foods are in transit, but also whether or not they have been cross-contaminated.

crates of fruit with SlimFlex tags applied

These are two examples of how our new SlimFlex Ultra tag can be utilized. However, there are a myriad of ways these tags could be used to benefit you in tracking your assets.

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