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Maximize Security & Cut Costs With Secure Print

Printer Security — A Dangerous Oversight

Most of the focus on preventing major data and privacy breaches is placed on IT and digital systems, and the role of paper records can be easily overlooked. However, 13% of data breaches involve paper records1 and 70% of organizations have suffered a print-related data breach.2

Even with the best of intentions, people can get distracted and forget to pick up a print job or mistakenly print a large document and not cancel it in time. Secure printing works by holding a print job at the ready until an authorized individual verifies their identity at their printer of choice. No more hitting print on a confidential document and then racing to the printer to grab it. Some systems require a passcode before a sensitive document can be printed, but often these passcodes are lost or shared. Using a trusted identity (in the form of a badge, smart phone, biometric cue or, for even higher security, a combination of these) at the printer removes the reliance on memory and simplifies the user experience.

Saving Data, Saving Money, Saving the Planet

In addition to security concerns, untracked and unsecured printing is simply wasteful; 20% of print jobs are never retrieved by the original user3, racking up unnecessary paper and ink costs. With secure print, your organization can reduce unnecessary expenses and more accurately allocate costs — while saving the planet.

For technical details on implementing secure print at your organization, read our white paper, Implementing Secure Print.

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