person holding tablet in front of smart lockers

The Smart Locker Sweet Spot: Stellar Security and Credentials

Smart lockers contain a range of multi-purpose possibilities today. To capitalize on this potential, tap into locker access and management technology that hits the smart storage sweet spot: where high security, easy maintenance and proven credentials intersect.

Intelligent Locker Access & Authentication

The right RFID modules and readers help transform traditional lockers into sophisticated smart cabinets by combining controlled access with easy-to-use mobile credentials. With the evolution of workplace dynamics, smart locker embedded technologies are able to flex with schedules and hybrid work arrangements. They accommodate scenarios ranging from lab partners needing shared storage to employees utilizing space for personal/office effects to retail establishments managing click-and-collect grocery and package pickups.

Select smart locker technologies that are widely deployed provide the ability to leverage existing employee or student credentials to transform traditional compartments into digital dynamos. This seamless integration with existing ID cards or mobile credentials further enhances security and functionality by extending current authentication investments and routines — plus eliminates the need for separate access cards, keys or fobs. And today, mobile credentials can be conveniently stored on phones to elevate the user experience while streamlining maintenance and management.

Innovative RFID technology is driving efficiencies, security and safety when it comes to authenticating smart locker users to ensure only the right people have the right access. Easy-to-operate RFID modules and readers provide secure, granulated access for controlled substances, providing an audit trail to meet regulatory requirements.

In our new infographic, Smart Lockers: Multi-Purpose Wonderswe cover the various scenarios and verticals that are tapping into these storage trends — while spotlighting the many sweet spots offered by HID’s best-in-class smart RFID modules. 

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Helmut has been in the security business for more than 25 years in various management roles for some of the leading suppliers of a broad range of security solutions. He also holds some patents. Within the last 20 years he has successfully led different engineering, global product management and marketing teams. His portfolio includes one of the first VPN products ever as well as solutions for HW-based encryption solutions in combination with RFID technologies managed by his various teams. He has been with HID now for more than 10 years with a focus on RFID technologies, and is used to challenging the status quo in seeking more customer-friendly solutions and services.