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DESFire Cards: The Convergence of Physical and Logical Access

Data Encryption Standard Fast Innovative Reliable and Secure (DESFire) is a technology revolutionizing the contactless communication space. DESFire cards are used in several applications to establish robust security systems.

DESFire comes with several contactless integrated circuit (IC) cards to suit system operators, solution developers and integrators. With the card, you can enjoy reliable, scalable and interoperable contactless solutions. The card also allows multi application, meaning it can be used for logical access control, physical access control and multiple payment solutions.

This way, you can make secure and fast data transmissions with several organizational structures and different memory sizes. DESFire cards have proven to be helpful in sectors such as:

Ticketing and Public Transportation
DESFire technology has been widely accepted in the transport and ticketing sectors as it offers the ability to create tailored tokens as well as provide speed, safety and efficiency to help streamline activities in a high turnstile-ticketing environment.

Government Service and Staff Cards
DESFire offers secure key encryption features that are also ideal for physical and logical access monitoring with either a custom solution or an open standard option. The interoperability of DESFire with other solutions makes it easy for government staff to access buildings.

Cashless Vending
If you are affiliated with the cashless vending industry, you understand the need for a reliable and secure card. Whether you need a payment solution for theme parks, festivals or cashless campus programs, DESFire technology can integrate with other applications for a customized  platform without compromising security.

Universities and Colleges 
DESFire offers security and cost-effectiveness while allowing multiple applications. This means university students can use the same card to pay for point-to-point transportation, meal systems, parking, library and gyms.

HID® OMNIKEY® 5023 Readers and DESFire Cards: Bridging the Gap Between Physical and Logical Access?

Logical access control monitors data access while physical access control monitors access into a location. Think of physical access control as the padlock key you use to enter your home, and logical access as that password you use to log into your computer. As most organizations struggle to make their physical and logical assets more secure and convenient, there is a need for a single solution that combines the two without compromising security.

The OMNIKEY 5023 reader has an integrated cryptographic module supporting enhanced security schemes such as Secure Identity Object™ (SIO) stored on a DESFire card. HID Global's SIO-enabled ecosystem offers a highly secure, standards-based, technology-independent and flexible identity data structure. The reader also provides APIs for key storage, authentication and access to data stored on DESFire technology.

HID OMNIKEY 5023 readers together with DESFire cards can offer employees and students the use of one badge for multiple applications — to access the front of a building, to use the elevator and then to unlock their workstations to log into specific applications. This perfect combination provides a high level of security, preventing unauthorized access to particular locations and data storage systems.

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