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HID Global Ranked Champion by Info-Tech IAM Emotional Footprint Diamond

Identity and Access Management (IAM) is central to keeping business applications, systems, and data secure. The evolution of the cybersecurity landscape means that IAM vendors need to adapt quickly, listen to their customers, and develop authentication systems that protect employees, customers, and other users across the enterprise.

Besides the technical capabilities of an identity and access management system, the relationship with your IAM supplier is critical. The Info-Tech Research Group recognizes the importance of IAM, and recently released their Emotional Footprint Report for IAM that reviewed and analyzed some of the most popular solutions in the marketplace.

About the Info-Tech Emotional Footprint Diamond

2020 Info-Tech Emotional Footprint Champion Badge

According to Info-Tech, "The Emotional Footprint Diamond illustrates the customer experience with software vendors, showing a complex relationship spanning procurement, implementation, service, and support." This represents how customers actually feel about certain vendors and their products, and gives a more authentic assessment based on experiences. The data used by Info-Tech is collected from real end users through software review surveys and meticulously vetted for authenticity. They use this data to create a "Net Emotional Footprint" to rank vendors in the Diamond.

Info-Tech rates IAM vendors across various areas of the customer experience. These areas are designed to reflect real customer-vendor relationships at every part of the product lifecycle. Info-Tech divides these into five specific areas:

  • Service Experience: How customers feel about the quality and effectiveness of service and support
  • Conflict Resolution: How vendors deal with disagreements, including their professionalism, and whether they will treat you fairly and amicably
  • Negotiation and Contract: Whether the vendors negotiate in a fair way, pleasantly, and in good faith
  • Strategy and Innovation: If vendors keep up with marketplace, strategy, and technology trends and implement them into their products
  • Product Impact: Whether software can meaningfully improve performance, productivity, and security

Highlights for HID Global in the Info-Tech Emotional Footprint Diamond for IAM

HID DigitalPersona® ranked #3 overall out of 51 IAM solutions. Our "Champion" status was reflected in our scores, with customers rating our "Net Emotional Footprint" at +75, with 80% positive feedback. We were also ranked #1 for Mobility Support, an important feature in the new remote work landscape, and #1 for putting client interests over vendor interests. We had a cost-to-value rating of +77 and were ranked second in the Trustworthy (87%) and Integrity (87%) categories. We also received more feedback and reviews than any of our major competitors.

Customer Focus

  • Customer Service, Bureaucratic vs. Efficient: An overall score of +76 with 80% positive and 16% neutral responses, meaning we provide fast and friendly customer service
  • Customer Service, Effective vs. Frustrating: An overall score of +74 with 78% positive and 16% neutral responses, meaning we fix issues in a streamlined, effective way
  • Contract Negotiations, Greedy vs. Generous: An overall score of +76 with 83% positive and 10% neutral responses, meaning we negotiate our contracts in a fair, straightforward, and cost-effective way
  • Contract Negotiations, Deceptive vs. Transparent: An overall score of +81 with 83% positive and 14% neutral responses, meaning we're upfront about pricing, service levels, customer, and vendor expectations
  • Contract Negotiations, Vendor's Interest First vs. Client's Interest First: An overall score of +74 with 76% positive and 21% neutral responses, meaning we always try to put our customer's requirements front-and-center
  • Conflict Resolution, Lack of Integrity vs. Integrity: An overall score of +86 with 88% positive and 9% neutral responses, meaning that we meet our promises and act fairly

Product Impact

  • Reliable vs. Unreliable: An overall score of +81 with 85% positive and 11% neutral responses, meaning our products deliver on the promises we make
  • Security Frustrates vs. Security Protects: An overall score of +78 with 80% positive and 17% neutral responses, meaning our products are designed around industry best practice for strong, secure authentication

Strategy and Innovation

  • Stagnant vs. Continually Improving: An overall score of +78 with 80% positive and 18% neutral responses, meaning that we're always refining and improving our IAM solutions
  • Roadblock to Innovation vs. Helps Innovate: An overall score of +78 with 80% positive and 18% neutral responses, meaning that we work in partnership with our clients to help them achieve their goals
  • Leverages Incumbent Status vs. Appreciates Incumbent Status: An overall score of +73 with 80% positive and 14% neutral responses, meaning that we use our position in the industry to better our products and drive value for our customers

Customers are at the center of everything we do at HID Global, and we are delighted that our customers rated us so highly in their Info-Tech reviews.

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Jeff Carpenter is Director of Cloud Authentication at HID Global. In his 15+ years in cybersecurity, Jeff has held positions with several top tier cybersecurity and technology companies including Crossmatch and RSA, a Dell Technologies company. He holds both Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP) and Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP) designations.