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Everything You Need to Know About the Upcoming Mercury 2.1 Firmware Release

Since their inception in the 1990s, Mercury controllers have radically changed the security and access control landscape by prioritizing open architecture and flexible, future-ready technology.

That tradition continues with the upcoming release of Mercury firmware, MercOS, 2.1, designed to support both Mercury LP (3rd generation, red boards) and the new Mercury MP (4th generation, black boards) intelligent controllers, which are launching later this year.

Here’s what you need to know about the Mercury firmware, MercOS, 2.1 release:

It Was Built for Security, From the Ground Up
In order to address the ever-evolving threat landscape, this new firmware is a step ahead in security. Developed in accordance with Mercury’s Secure Software Development Lifecycle Policy (SSDL), MercOS 2.1 offers static and dynamic analysis security testing (SAST/DAST) as well as software composition analysis (SCA). Additionally, continuous scanning facilitates prioritization and quick action against Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVEs).

It’s One Part of an Agile, Collaborative Lifecycle
Keeping on top — and ahead — of dynamic security threats and evolving end-customer needs requires long-term vision and an agile product lifecycle. This new firmware is just one aspect of a forward-looking, multi-year process implemented by the Mercury team, which allows for more frequent releases, developed in collaboration with key partners and end users.

It’s Not Just for MPs — LP Controllers Are Also Supported (and Will Continue to Be Through 2028)
LP intelligent controllers utilizing the new firmware will realize immediate benefits, from the aforementioned higher security to the lightweight MQTT-based (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) host API allowing better alignment with IoT (Internet of Things) standards. And because this firmware is driven from a unified build environment, it ensures functional and quality parity across enterprise systems running both LP and MP platforms. 

As far as timing, MercOS 2.1 is part of the 2.x MercOS platform, first introduced in November 2023. MercOS 2.1 will be released this summer, with subsequent firmware versions releasing throughout the second half of 2024 as part of the 2.x platform.

In addition to this leap ahead in firmware, of course, is the highly anticipated release of the MP controller line itself, happening later this year. This next generation of intelligent controllers will feature open architecture, additional supply chain options, the latest cybersecurity and expanded integrations. 

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