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How RFID Authentication Powers Secure Access Around the World: A Spotlight on Italy’s ID Card System

As the future of access control evolves, passwords are falling by the wayside. Reliable and easy-to-use card readers enable this shift to a passwordless, more secure digital existence and identity. For many industries and applications, this transformation is facilitated by a simple, proven technology called radio frequency identification (RFID). Citizens across Italy experience firsthand the efficiencies afforded by smart reader solutions for identity authentication.

A Prominent Point in Italy’s Technology Portfolio

In 2021, Italy’s Ministry of the Interior began issuing its citizens a new version of the nation’s  Electronic Identity Card (CIE), which is used to access online public administration services in Italy and other EU countries. It provides dependable identity authentication both in person and remotely from any device including computers, tablets and smartphones. The CIE is considered one of the most secure documents in Europe and features an RFID chip to record and store personal and biometric citizen data. Security by design safeguards the digital identity of each cardholder from identity theft or counterfeiting attempts.

Administrators sought a reliable identity reader solution for these important CIE cards that would not only be scalable as the program expands, but also incredibly simple and convenient for people of all ages to use. The identity card reader had to meet convenience requirements with high security and regulatory compliance requirements that mandate two-factor user authentication to access applications. 

The HID OMNIKEY® 5022 contactless, high-frequency smart card reader was tapped for the task.

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A World-Class Access Scenario

Now, Italian citizens can easily authenticate themselves — from home or while around town — with the simple flash of their ID against an HID high-frequency smart card reader. 

Citizens can leverage the convenience of RFID readers and technology to conduct business such as accessing social welfare services or generating digital signatures. Individuals can accurately authenticate themselves from home without having to go to public/government facilities or provide any other paper materials. 

In addition to the compact, sleek design, HID OMNIKEY readers offer contactless identity authentication between the card and reader. RFID readers are compatible with most of the new EU identity electronic cards, are highly secure and meet regulatory compliance mandates for two-factor authentication.

Put a Secure Future in Hand

As our world becomes more interconnected, HID remains focused on innovating and designing solutions for efficient access control at the local, national and global level for countries large and small. Read our case study about how contactless RFID readers technology is a proven mechanism in Italy’s Electronic Identity Card system.

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