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Unlocking the Future: Ticket Validators — Essential Enablers in Mass Transit Ticketing Evolution

Complexities of Modernization

Modernizing and digitizing mass transit ticketing can be a complex journey. From tight budgets to aging infrastructure, public transportation agencies and authorities face pressing challenges that can stall efforts to innovate. 

What's needed is a strategic approach that accounts for the nuances of this transition — one that avoids the pitfalls of viewing ticketing hardware as mere commodities, and instead recognizes their potential as indispensable elements that can empower transit authorities to take control of their digitized ticketing destiny.

Ticket Validators as Strategic Investments

Multimedia ticket validators stand at the center of this shift, not only facilitating fare collection, but also acting as a vital source of ridership data, which can drive improvements in ridership. The right device serves as a strategic investment — providing the flexibility and future-proofing needed to introduce new innovations on an agency's terms, without bearing the excessive costs of replacing hardware.

Adaptable for the Future

Today's transportation agencies and authorities are focused on the future, not just present needs. The ideal ticket validator enables a smooth transition from closed-loop cards and cash to barcode ticketing, mobile ticketing and contactless EMV payments, at a pace suited to the organization. This adaptability ensures their ticketing infrastructure remains resilient regardless of what innovations lie ahead. 

Empowering Digital Ticketing Innovation

The road to digitization is marked by continuous change and innovation. Multimedia ticket validators, such as the HID VAL100, enable mass transit agencies to shape the ticketing experience on their own terms and offer riders digital options, such as payment cards and mobile tickets. 

Paving the Way for Contactless EMV Payments

The aim of this evolution is often to make it convenient for riders to pay for mass transit using contactless EMV payments or institutional cards. This not only provides passengers with a frictionless way to pay, but also helps drive increased ridership. The appropriate ticket validator choice lays the strategic foundation for this transition, allowing a seamless shift to cEMV Tap-and-Go functionality when the time is right.

Innovative public transportation integrators like Cubic Transportation Systems, have already recognized these benefits, choosing the HID VAL100 validator to enable enhanced digital ticketing experiences for public transit authorities across North America.


Ticket validators are far more than commodity hardware. They are the architects that empower agencies and authorities to shape the digitized future of their ticketing operations. Acknowledging validators as strategic components, integrators empower agencies to control their ticketing modernization journeys. 

By understanding their capabilities, mass transit agencies and authorities can make informed choices for fare collection systems and take control of their ticketing evolution.

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Arthur Tay is a seasoned product marketing manager for the Access-IS business unit, part of HID’s Extended Access Technologies business area. He has several years of technical expertise in successfully managing the entire product lifecycle from ideation through development, launch and completion phases. In the past, he has worked as a global product manager for well-known brands, including Motorola, Hewlett-Packard, Vertu and others. He holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the National University of Singapore and executive leadership training from Wharton School.