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Revolutionizing Fare Collection: Token Transit Discovers Unmatched Flexibility and Reliability in Ticket Validation

Public transportation is essential for sustainable, equitable cities. But outdated fare collection systems can frustrate riders and constrain revenue. That’s why companies like Token Transit are revolutionizing fare collection for transit agencies by integrating rider-focused payment platforms.

One way Token Transit achieves this is by helping agencies meet riders where they are by making fares available in commonly used apps like Transit App, Moovit, Apple Maps, Google Maps and more.

Behind the scenes, HID provides the high-performing ticket validators that enables Token Transit's innovations. Let's explore the key benefits Token Transit gains from this collaboration.

Open Architecture Ticket Validator Unlocks Customization

Token Transit's software developers demanded an open validator architecture. This allows them to fully customize fare collection solutions for each agency's needs. Proprietary hardware had imposed too many restrictions. 

The VAL100's open design enabled Token Transit to unleash creativity in improving the rider experience. They can now tailor ticket validator outputs while integrating diverse payment options.

Reliability That Builds Trust 

Token Transit selected HID for its reliable ticketing hardware that ensures rider satisfaction. The barcode scanning performance in HID ticket validators makes passenger boarding smooth and intuitive. 

The collaboration between HID and Token Transit enables a comprehensive and reliable fare payment and ticket validation solution, empowering agencies with a robust and seamless system.

The HID VAL100 ticket validator enables Token Transit to provide the most comprehensive fare payment platform, offering unmatched flexibility for riders, operational ease for transit operators and invaluable data insights for agencies striving to enhance customer experience and boost ridership. 
Morgan Kikuchi-Conbere, CEO and Co-Founder, Token Transit 

Guidance From Mass Transit Experts

As an established leader in transit ticketing hardware, HID provided valuable support to Token Transit. HID's local team assisted with everything from technical queries to insights on customer needs. This collaborative approach is key for Token Transit's customer-centric approach. HID's deep mass transit ticketing expertise helps anticipate the features and responsiveness agencies expect.

The Road Ahead

By providing flexible, high-performing ticket validators like the VAL100, HID empowers innovators like Token Transit to transform fare collection. With HID's hardware as a dependable base, Token Transit can focus on improving the rider and agency experience through software innovation.

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Arthur Tay is a seasoned product marketing manager for the Access-IS business unit, part of HID’s Extended Access Technologies business area. He has several years of technical expertise in successfully managing the entire product lifecycle from ideation through development, launch and completion phases. In the past, he has worked as a global product manager for well-known brands, including Motorola, Hewlett-Packard, Vertu and others. He holds a Master of Business Administration degree from the National University of Singapore and executive leadership training from Wharton School.