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Enjoy Your Smart Stay: How Self-Service Access Is Altering the Hospitality Landscape

It's all about the guest experience in the hospitality industry. Hotel guests want to come and go as they please, and standing in a lobby line is simply no longer accepted.

Shifting control to guests is transforming how we “do hotels” these days. And this shift is facilitated by a simple, secure technology called radio frequency identification (RFID).

Guests Gain Control of Their Stay 

The simple flash of a phone or card enhances the hospitality experience for customers from check-in to check-out. RFID authentication technology works behind the scenes to communicate credentials between components. This effortless, wireless exchange of information is intuitive, convenient and secure — and there are dozens of use cases to provide guests with seamless access across properties, including: 

Hoteliers Gain Control of Security, Management and More

Adopting RFID authentication technology in hotel settings creates a secure and agile experience for management as well. It elevates efficiencies on both sides of the lobby front desk by transferring control of many tasks to guests while streamlining and automating other mundane activities.

RFID-infused hospitality operations are more:

  • Secure — Prevent unauthorized physical and digital access
  • Efficient — Grant privileges swiftly and easily adjust them remotely
  • Convenient — One credential affords access throughout the guest journey
  • Cost-Effective — Deploy or leverage existing cards or credentials — and expand as needs evolve
  • Versatile — Store credentials via mobile phones, access cards, wearables, etc.
  • Compliant — Help support regional requirements, including data and privacy regulations

Self-Service in Action 

Many hospitality chains around the world are embedding RFID readers and modules into easy-to-use mechanisms to allow guests to skip lines and take control of their stay. Kiosk manufacturers can integrate RFID desktop readers such as HID® OMNIKEY® 5427CK or RFID embedded modules such as HID OMNIKEY 5127CK into kiosk products to streamline access points across hotel properties.

Front desk operations are reimagined with the speed and security afforded by new these best-in-class kiosks offering desktop or embedding RFID modules. Guests enjoy a contactless journey when accessing their room, amenities, parking, event spaces and more without having to juggle room keys. They can easily review reservations and complete their check-in procedures without tapping into the property’s employee resources. 

In addition, the RFID-equipped kiosks provide hoteliers with more control over security. Staff can activate and deactivate access remotely, and review logs to see the who, what and when around each credential used. This intelligence rolls up into an exceptional customer experience with an added layer of insight and protection around the premises.

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Rick Winter started in the access control industry back in the late '90s working for an access control OEM before moving to HID in 2005. With over 20 years of experience in physical security, system design & deployment, and migration solution, Rick Winter enjoys being part of the HID organization and helping educate the channel partners as well as assisting the end users in selecting the best solutions and products to meet their needs, including mobile credentials.