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How Mobile Wallets Help ‘Master’ the On-Campus Experience

Mobile-first students drive the need for a mobile-first campus. These digital natives have modern-day expectations when it comes to going about their daily schedules — using their phones to tap through spaces and places.  

Higher education is an ideal backdrop where mobile wallet functionality can significantly enhance the campus experience. It not only drives digitalization across the premises with its usual cost optimization, but brings along strong security measures, top-notch access capabilities and progressive prestige as educational settings transition from static to smart.

But the benefits of mobile wallets extend beyond the student population. Administrators also enjoy an intelligent lift when it comes to streamlining efforts. A tremendous amount of time, effort and cost goes into fulfilling the entire lifecycle of a plastic card: production, issuance, the physical distribution of the card and the possibility of recycling — with all steps requiring maintenance through to graduation.

Adding mobile wallet to a higher education technology ecosystem gives administrators an effective, easy way to manage student credentials throughout the school cycle — and it controls access to the entire university ecosystem as permissions can be swiftly adjusted and access points can be easily added as requirements evolve. 

Some areas already being transformed by student ID in mobile wallet include: 

  • Annual registration, orientation and back-to-school
  • Buildings and bookstores
  • Health centers
  • Mail or print services and smart lockers
  • EV charging
  • E-bike and scooter rentals
  • Cafeterias, vending and food trucks
  • Special events and ticketing
  • Class attendance
  • Plus dozens of other use cases that amplify student access!

Lesson one in instituting mobile wallet is to focus on user identity credentials. RFID readers and modules can be seamlessly integrated with mobile wallets and other applications to grant innovative access across your grounds. Interoperable credential standards underpin this process, enabling institutions to manage mobile wallets that are independent of smartphone operating systems.

Newfound digital flexibility is one of the many benefits covered in this short executive brief: How Mobile Wallets Enhance the Campus Experience

And, if you want to preview a series of secure connections across your university, check out HID’s interactive tool, Choose Your OMNIKEY, to mix-and-match access point possibilities. 

Read our short Executive Brief How Mobile Wallets Enhance the Campus Experience to learn how to bring the wonders of mobile wallet to your campus.

Helmut has been in the security business for more than 25 years in various management roles for some of the leading suppliers of a broad range of security solutions. He also holds some patents.

Within the last 20 years he has successfully led different engineering, global product management and marketing teams. His portfolio includes one of the first VPN products ever as well as solutions for HW-based encryption solutions in combination with RFID technologies managed by his various teams. He has been with HID now for more than 10 years with a focus on RFID technologies, and is used to challenging the status quo in seeking more customer-friendly solutions and services.