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Make Room for Smart Space Utilization

Maximizing space usage is one of the biggest trends across corporate and higher education campuses. Between hybrid workers sharing offices and workstations and the newfound flexibility students and employees require these days, smart scheduling and convenient access systems are top priority for institutions looking to modernize and optimize operations. 

Below we explore how best-in-class RFID technology paired with smart room management panels and Apple Wallet tap into smart access control for meeting rooms, offices, control centers, classrooms, public spaces and oodles of other places to create a connected workplace.

The Space Reservation Renaissance

Workplaces are in the middle of a renaissance as digital transformation technologies drive efficiencies across departments and uncover new ways to help us be more productive, comfortable and secure within various environments. Working alongside IAdea, a prominent smart workplace solution provider, and other partners, HID delivers solutions to drive convenient, intuitive experiences for employees and students when it comes to monitoring and accessing spaces.

We are all familiar with the act of flashing our mobile phone to pay for things around town or to check into flights and entertainment venues. Now, that simple wave of a device to authenticate oneself is seeping into the workplace and spreading more intelligence into higher education. 

With HID access credentials stored in Apple Wallet, employees and students can move their mobile device in front of an IAdea room management panel or desk booking device to achieve better, faster access to spaces and places around campus or corporate settings. This is part of the mobile-first mentality that businesses and institutions must incorporate into daily activities to not only streamline operations and reduce administrative workload, but also to cater to today’s agile workforce and born-digital student populations.

Master Your Space Management 

One of today’s innovative offerings is the IAdea WRP-1000 room booking panel. Key features that streamline space reservations and access to controlled areas include:

  • Built-in door lock access control
  • A fully integrated certified HID card reader
  • Enterprise-grade security
  • And a flexible interface that provides campus and facilities managers with a powerful solution for regulating access to sensitive or everyday locations by leveraging access control policies to authorize individuals

To communicate with the embedded HID reader, users experience that familiar tap and go — presenting their digital student ID or employee badge stored in Apple Wallet to book or check in and out of meeting rooms, classrooms, labs, offices or anywhere else on campus or at their connected workplace. 

This digital room booking solution enhances efficiencies and security by:

  • Maximizing space usage across premises
  • Reducing administrative work and costs associated with overseeing bookings and issuing ID cards
  • Providing a centralized platform for managing student/employee movement 
  • Strengthening security measures with stronger access control technologies such as digital wallets and HID credentials

Simplified, Optimized Operations 

As connected workplaces and campuses evolve, integrating mobile-first solutions is no longer just an option — it’s a necessity. Adopting mobile-first processes are essential to compete in today’s connected workplace and campus environments. HID, in collaboration with our esteemed partners like IAdea, stands ready to guide organizations toward streamlined operations and enhanced user experiences. By embracing these advancements, you’re not just adapting to change; you’re driving it.

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Rick Winter started in the access control industry back in the late '90s working for an access control OEM before moving to HID Global in 2005. With over 20 years of experience in physical security, system design & deployment, and migration solution, Rick Winter enjoys being part of the HID organization and helping educate the channel partners as well as assisting the end users in selecting the best solutions and products to meet their needs, including mobile credentials.