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How RFID in Healthcare Provides Superior, Secure Care

Once upon a time, hospitals and healthcare providers focused solely on patient care — helping individuals one at a time by providing the best quality medical care possible. These days, healthcare professionals are required to juggle patients, providers and staff. They need to navigate security measures both proactively and reactively. They must be in-the-know about data protection, electronic prescriptions and increasingly stringent regulations. And the expectation is that all of this be accomplished while shepherding a positive experience for everyone in involved.

That sounds painful!

Fortunately, there’s a good treatment plan.

RFID intelligence is helping hospitals and providers make healthy choices when it comes to security, efficiency and compliance. Simple, straightforward access technologies enable organizations to easily identify and secure people, places and things around today’s complicated and commanding healthcare environments.

For example, RFID chips embedded into readers and devices — used with various access credentials in physical form, like an ID card, or stored digitally in a mobile wallet — are an extremely efficient, and often hands-free, method for unlocking and granting authorized access to various spaces and places. The simple wave of a card or device in front of an RFID reader adds super smart access to many use cases across healthcare settings. Think about:

  • People Management — Monitor and manage access for staff, patients and visitors
  • Confidential/Restricted Areas — Control access and deliver the highest level of security
  • Medical Supplies Dispensing — Easily and securely interact with patient medication
  • Drug Prescription & Insurance (EPCS) — Work with pharmacies on electronic prescriptions
  • Secure Printing — Manage budget and access codes
  • Computer & Server Access — Know who is in your healthcare network in real-time
  • Single Sign-On — Offer seamless access to IT
  • Parking Garages & EV Charging — Provide seamless entry, exit and EV charging access
  • Elevators — Monitor permissions for different floors and zones
  • Smart Lockers — Provide secure and reliable storage for physicians, staff and patient

It’s Contagious: Smart Access Is Spreading Across Healthcare

Using RFID is a smart way to drive simple, secure authentication for individuals moving throughout their demanding shifts and schedules. Healthcare organizations are modernizing access systems to apply an effective dose of security and to elevate the authentication experience.

In our short white paper, Providing Superior and Secure Care with RFID Technology, we explore how to easily next-level access, security and efficiencies across hospitals and healthcare systems with proven HID solutions.

When you’re ready to next-level your access, let’s put together a treatment plan!

See what healthy access looks like in a hospital setting with HID’s new interactive tool.

Christian is Director of Product & Program Management and responsible for the Embedded and Desktop RFID portfolio for the Extended Access Technologies Business Area, including iCLASS SE Reader Module and OMNIKEY. He has two degrees in electrical engineering and business administration and more than ten years of experience in product management for different industries.