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Today’s Connected Workplace — Truly Easy Access

Forgotten passwords. Lost keys. Denied access. Failed log-in attempts. The barriers can feel constant — and certainly exasperating — when it comes to moving about the day trying to gain physical and logical access along the way.

But as companies continue to welcome employees back to business settings and drive efficiencies across re-imagined workspaces, savvy decision-makers are choosing to rely on the security, simplicity and smarts of RFID access technology to bring convenience and a better experience to users — while also gaining big wins for the organization.

RFID Technology Authenticates All — From Doors to Donuts

In our new executive brief, titled An Exceptional Ecosystem of Access, experts explore how a single, connected access system drives efficiencies across business settings. From garage access and EV charging to vending and print services, RFID smart card and contactless reader technology enables seamless, repeated identity authentication backed by a world leader steeped in trusted identity experiences.

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Please Note: No Longer Accepting Access Fatigue

Employees, visitors, IT teams and administrators will all appreciate the removal of typical access stumbling blocks. When best-in-class credentials are integrated into a comprehensive connected ecosystem, the workplace is more secure, efficient and valuable. Some of the benefits spotlighted in the new brief include:

  • Flexibility for an Agile Workforce — Allow temporary, part-time, hybrid or everyday access to hot desks and smart lockers with a single credential
  • Optimized Physical Access to Spaces and Places — Grant access to specific doors, floors and offices, or use HID credentials to easily book meeting rooms and common spaces
  • Intelligent Time & Attendance — Generate automated time reports for simplified, streamlined HR functions (e.g., the same ID used to open doors upon arrival can also record the individual’s entry and exit times)

Have we piqued your interest in funneling next-level efficiencies into the physical and logical identity authentication points across your workplace? Peruse the executive brief to better understand how RFID readers are helping shape today’s connected workplace through flexible, scalable solutions.

Download the executive brief >>

Marc Butler is a Product Manager with global responsibility for the RFID Desktop and Embedded portfolio within the Extended Access Technologies Business Area. Marc brings extensive commercial and technical expertise in both domestic and export markets, a background in technical support and account management, along with 30 years’ experience in the security industry. An effective communicator at all levels within the organization, his proven abilities in producing market requirement specifications provide business case justification for new product development.