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MOSIP & Biometrics: Bringing the Power of Digital Identities to All Countries

Governments around the world have an increasing interest in implementing foundational digital ID programs to provide identity to their general populations. As we delve deeper into the digital world, biometrics are a pivotal part of this transformation.

However, there are many challenges around digital ID systems including privacy and security concerns, exclusions such as bias, inaccessibility, and vendor/technology lock-in to name just a few. In addition, some countries are just developing their digital identity programs, and access to affordable, reliable and interoperable technologies is simply not within reach.

Until MOSIP…

MOSIP: An Open Source Platform for Foundational Digital ID Inclusion 

Authenticating and verifying ourselves based on our unique biological traits is convenient, fast and accurate. Initiatives such as the Aadhaar benefits distribution program in India are some of the many massive undertakings that rely on digital fingerprint scanners to identify citizens and ensure the right subsidies get to the right individuals. The European Union’s national ID card program is another example of how biometrics bring big benefits to governments and their people.  

MOSIP, the Modular Open Source Identity Platform, is an important global initiative designed to support governments and organizations in building digital identity management systems based on biometrics combined with the principles of being open source, scalable and interoperable. This allows countries to implement robust and inclusive identification systems regardless of their socio-economic status.

The comprehensive and modular MOSIP framework can be customized to meet countries’ specific identity requirements. Open source provides flexibility and choice when it comes to selecting products that are MOSIP compliant — thereby preventing vendor-lock in and allowing governments to expand and scale as needed. These program characteristics are important for multiple reasons, including:

  • Efficient Services & Benefits Distribution. Digital ID systems enable governments to efficiently deliver services to their citizens. With a unique digital identity, individuals can be authenticated and access various government services such as healthcare, education, social welfare and financial assistance — easily, securely and with privacy intact. It eliminates the need for cumbersome paperwork (that can be lost, stolen or altered) or physical presence (which saves time and resources for both citizens and public servants).
  • Inclusivity. Biometric-based identity systems that are MOSIP compliant bridge the identity gap for marginalized populations that often lack the right technology to reach remote, rural locations where many low-income civilians reside. By providing people with an easy-to-use method of identifying themselves — simply placing their finger(s) on a device — governments can ensure eligible individuals have access to public services, financial inclusion and social benefits.
  • Enhanced Security & Privacy. Utilizing advanced technologies like biometrics and encryption, governments minimize identity fraud, forgery and fakery while ensuring citizens’ personal data is protected across transactions. Security by design is a cornerstone of leading biometric products.
  • Interoperability. MOSIP promotes interoperability by adhering to international standards and protocols and enables seamless integration and collaboration among national agencies by leveraging centralized, digital databases to cross-check and confirm biometric details.

HID Patrol Tenprint Scanners Now MOSIP Compliant

Fingerprint biometrics play a crucial role in the MOSIP movement by cost-effectively capturing and verifying unique physical characteristics of individuals. HID is in-step supporting this initiative with best-in-class devices for biometric verification.

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HID offers a comprehensive biometric portfolio featuring high-performing scanners and software. In particular, the HID Patrol tenprint scanner offers an economical approach to tenprint acquisition without sacrificing image quality. This MOSIP-compliant scanner quickly captures rolled and flat fingerprints for background checks and identity validation programs — and is certified for Appendix F (FAP 60). Exceptional dry fingerprint images are attained with error-free accuracy using an optional silicone membrane.

HID is proud to be part of the MOSIP ecosystem, providing reliable and customizable biometric scanners as countries build out their digital ID systems. Verifying oneself with what they always have nearby — their fingers — makes civil ID/governance exchanges convenient and builds trust between organizations and the people they serve.

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