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Military Bases & Mobile Biometrics: Ensure Accurate Identity Verification Is Always In-Hand

Reliable identity verification is paramount across defense-related environments, especially in sensitive zones like military bases where classified information, critical infrastructure and valuable assets are housed. Biometric authentication reader systems provide the ideal balance between security, usability and speed to enable personnel to confidently grant authorized access to facilities, equipment and IT systems.  

10 Requirements for Biometric Identity Verification for Military Base Access

Not all biometric products are acceptable for critical missions. Consider these questions to help zero in on the precise authentication device to protect your high-traffic military areas.

verifier sentry credential reader

  • Is the biometric reading device durable and certified for the MIL-STD-810H ruggedized standard and IP65?
  • Is it multimodal to scan fingers, faces and badges to deliver maximum flexibility?
  • Does it provide superior, high-quality fingerprint (and face) capture to authenticate with precision?
  • Does it include contact and contactless credential readers?
  • Is it future-proof to grow with your verification requirements?
  • Is it designed for outdoor usage, and can it perform reliably in demanding environments?
  • Does the unit provide simple, one-handed operation for safety and multitasking?
  • Is it ergonomic and portable for everyday use?
  • Can it reliably handle high volumes of traffic?
  • Can it accommodate both right- and left-handed users for biometric and credential capture/authentication?

A Commanding Compact & Mobile Reading Device for Rapid Identity Verification

HID offers a comprehensive biometric portfolio featuring high-performing scanners and software to support defense and government applications. The newest addition to the force is the HID Verifier Sentry 2.0.

Versatile yet straightforward, the Verifier Sentry 2.0 is a rugged, durable biometric and credential reader ideal for a range of mobile authentication use cases in highly challenging environmental conditions. It performs quick, seamless identity verification to confirm individuals coming and going across military bases and other facility access points.

In addition to checking off ALL the boxes in the list above, other merits of the Verifier Sentry 2.0 worth mentioning include the following:

  • Secure & Accurate  Based on security-by-design principles, features highly accurate scanner and reader technologies from HID’s award-winning biometrics portfolio
  • Rapid & Efficient  Built to perform quick, seamless authentication in fast-paced, high-volume settings
  • Versatile  Multimodal design features integrated, best-in-class HID NOMAD™ 30 fingerprint sensor (FAP 30), camera for facial recognition, barcode to scan badges and contact/contactless smart card reader
  • Rugged  Operates in harsh and challenging conditions (extreme heat/cold, wet/dry, lightness/darkness, dust and other outdoor elements)
  • Portable & Adaptable  Mobile and lightweight with integrated handgrip for fast barcode reading or fingerprint scanning; future option to add facial recognition with built-in camera
  • Serviceable  Designed to stay up and running in the field for less downtime and battery hassle
  • SDKs Included  Helps developers design their own Android apps including on-device matching  

Watch the video to see why HID Verifier Sentry 2.0 is the ideal tool for identity verification for military base access.

HID is committed to building secure, tough and reliable biometric authentication tools to help men and women in uniform best protect and defend operations. Mobile biometric devices that provide the added benefits of portability allow military personnel to carry the necessary authentication capabilities conveniently with them wherever service is required.

Learn more about the HID Verifier Sentry 2.0 rugged, handheld, mobile biometric and credential reader. Or explore HID’s broader biometric offerings for defense.