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Simplify PKI Management in Uncertain Economic Times

New year, same threats. When it comes to network and data protection, attackers won’t stop trying to breach your systems — even if your IT team headcount or budget is strained. It is no secret that PKI talent is extremely hard to come by for organizations managing PKI in-house. For many enterprises, PKI management falls into the laps of IT teams that do not have a dedicated staff member to manage and own certificate lifecycle management. Thankfully, with HID PKI-as-a-Service (PKIaaS) as your PKI provider, your PKI worries can disappear. How can you count on our solution to protect you even in times of economic uncertainty? This post introduces you to the HID difference and shows you that not all PKI solutions are created equal.

Per-Certificate Pricing vs. Subscription Based Pricing

In a perfect world, a cloud PKI provider eliminates the complexity and redundant processes that come with managing PKI; however, not all PKIaaS solutions are created equal. For organizations using a cloud PKI provider with per-certificate pricing, it is not only a headache to keep costs predictable, but should their infrastructure and certificate volume need to scale rapidly, hidden costs incurred for service updates may cause IT labor costs to rise exponentially.

With award-winning HID PKIaaS, our customers pay for the service via one simple subscription-based annual fee that doesn’t change. That’s it. If your organization’s certificate needs increase, there are no hidden costs or additional fees associated with increased volume — regardless of how many more certificates you may need.

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White Glove PKI Service

Along with being a PKIaaS solution that is flexible and scalable from day one, your subscription includes access to real humans that can help you solve even the most challenging of PKI pain points — making your annual investment go a long way. This is all without you ever having to request a new purchase order or go through the motions of finding additional funds to cover new PKI needs. Should your department experience a reduction in budgeted dollars, the predictable nature of our subscription fee means your PKI services will never suffer, even if your budget takes a hit. Additionally, our web-based management portal allows for centralized access to your services, should your IT team undergo staffing changes.

Are your use cases expanding due to organizational changes? If your PKI services need to be scaled during the year, our experts are available to assist you every step of the way. At HID, our dedicated service does not stop once your annual subscription fee has been paid. Rest easy knowing a PKI expert is available to speak with you and help you scale our solution to fit your unique use case, whether it is creating a custom hierarchy or adding a new domain to your account.

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Centralized Visibility and Automated Provisioning

In addition to cost savings, HID PKIaaS offers time savings for you and your IT team with our web-based Account Certificate Manager (ACM), which serves as a “single pane of glass” for managing both private and public TLS/SSL certificates. With HID ACM, say goodbye to having to manage separate portals for private and public certificates.

Designed by PKI experts, for security experts like yours, our centralized portal eliminates manual processes for tracking, installing and renewing TLS/SSL certificates — reducing the cyber risks associated with mismanaged certificates. Because we believe that your PKIaaS solution should be the solution that you want it to be, ACM dashboards are completely customizable, allowing your administrators to always see what matters most. Automation of the complete certificate lifecycle is also made possible through ACM thanks to our connector model approach to PKI, which leverages standardized protocols such as ACME, SCEP and EST to automate certificate lifecycle management, eliminating resource intensive manual certificate management. While other competitors may utilize agent-based or agentless PKIaaS models, HID does not require any additional software installation or maintenance from your team.

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PKI Made Simple

Along with no hidden fees, there are no hidden catches when you step into simplified PKI with HID. Our experts will help you migrate from your existing Certificate Authority to ours, and can do so in days — not weeks or months. While the current state of the economy may be threatening your IT budget, one thing is for certain: with HID PKIaaS, your PKI management expenses will be simple and predictable. Should your service needs change after you’ve experienced the HID difference, our “Bring Your Own Root” and “Take It With You Root” program ensures you never have to relinquish ownership of your private root keys.

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Mrugesh Chandarana is Product Management Director for Identity and Access Management Solutions at HID Global, where he focuses on IoT and PKI solutions. He has more than ten years of cybersecurity industry experience in areas such as risk management, threat and vulnerability management, application security and PKI. He has held product management positions at RiskSense, WhiteHat Security (acquired by NTT Security), and RiskVision (acquired by Resolver, Inc.).