Frost & Sullivan award

HID Global Wins Frost & Sullivan 2022 Enabling Technology Leadership Award

Cutting Through Increasingly Complex PKI Management Strategies

PKI and TLS/SSL certificates have been around for many decades. They’ve long been hailed for their ability to protect web traffic and e-commerce, but their versatility has emerged only recently. They are powerful tools in the cybersecurity arsenal, capable of securing a broad array of devices, applications and data.

However, many organizations are struggling to take advantage of the newest PKI use cases, thanks to the complexities of managing and maintaining the technology.

As recently as a few years ago, it was still possible for organizations to manage TLS certificate lifecycles and infrastructure in-house. Now, a combination of factors has made this increasingly untenable:

Rapid Growth of New Use Cases:

  • Passwordless authentication
  • IoT device security
  • Continuous integration/continuous delivery (CI/CD) and DevOps security
  • Remote workforce protection

Significant Volume Increase:

Increased Management Complexity:

  • The infrastructure (i.e., servers, hardware security modules, signing policies, etc.) is complex to install and labor-intensive to maintain
  • The expertise needed to manage PKI certificates is in short supply: According to the Ponemon Institute, 52% of security professionals said their top challenge was a lack of understanding of PKI’s security capabilities
  • Shorter validity periods — TLS certificates now have to be renewed within one year — make management even more challenging

Staying on top of these changes is a lot for one IT team to manage. Though PKI offers considerable cybersecurity coverage, some organizations are having trouble taking advantage of these opportunities because the management system has become so complex — not to mention the time and resources it consumes.

In this context, we are especially pleased to be distinguished as an industry leader in PKI management in the global TLS certificate industry.

HID Recognized by Frost & Sullivan for Excellence in Global Private TLS Certificates  

Market research firm Frost & Sullivan created its Best Practices Awards to recognize companies for innovation, service and product development — and help IT executives cut through the noise to identify market leaders.

In May 2022, Frost & Sullivan awarded its 2022 Enabling Technology Leadership Award to HID Global for leadership and merit in the global TLS certificate industry. The Enabling Technology Leadership Award recognizes the company that applies its technology in new ways to improve existing products and services and elevate the customer experience. HID excelled in multiple criteria that Frost & Sullivan evaluated:

Technology Leverage

  • Commitment to innovation      
  • Commitment to creativity
  • Stage gate efficiency
  • Commercialization success
  • Application diversity

Customer Impact

  • Price/performance value
  • Customer purchase experience
  • Customer ownership experience
  • Customer service experience
  • Brand equity

What drew Frost & Sullivan to HID’s TLS solutions? In their citation, the analysts noted both our service and our technology. HID’s automation capabilities and hybrid infrastructure design were praised for providing customers with trusted security services and scalability support. The flexible service design of our PKI‐as‐a‐Service (PKIaaS) offerings, in particular, were called out for maximizing value and providing multi‐year pricing predictability.

Business growth is a key focus of Frost & Sullivan’s mission, and the recognition of HID Global’s scalability performance for its customers is especially meaningful.

TLS Certificate Takeaways

In a recent Think Tanks panel moderated by Frost & Sullivan, HID Global dove deeper into TLS certificates. Though the discussion was aimed at enterprise chief information security officers (CISOs), it offered a useful perspective for anyone wanting to learn more about the complex process of keeping data secure.

Vishvas Patel, our VP and Head of PKI & IoT services, made some key points during this panel:

  • Reduced certificate lifespan standards put an emphasis on PKI management tools and a company’s ability to be both agile and flexible
  • Automation is key to both certificate renewal and distribution as well as workflow management events
  • CISOs should consider flexibility of PKIaaS to integrate with other systems, and approach PKIaaS/TLS certificate services like any other supply chain — diversity of services is important

We are grateful for the opportunity to participate in this expert panel and for being singled out to receive this prestigious award.

Read more details about the Frost & Sullivan 2022 Enabling Technology Leadership in Global Private TLS Certificate Industry Award.

Watch Vishvas Patel, HID VP and Head of PKI & IoT services, and other PKI experts in BrightTALK’s webcast discuss Frost & Sullivan Think Tanks: Insights for CISOs: Transport Layer Security (TLS) Certificates.

Mrugesh Chandarana is Product Management Director for Identity and Access Management Solutions at HID Global, where he focuses on IoT and PKI solutions. He has more than ten years of cybersecurity industry experience in areas such as risk management, threat and vulnerability management, application security and PKI. He has held product management positions at RiskSense, WhiteHat Security (acquired by NTT Security), and RiskVision (acquired by Resolver, Inc.).