A police officer using biometric identification

How Rapid ID Is Transforming Law Enforcement

Some things in life are meant to be together: peanut butter and jelly, rock and roll, tacos and Tuesdays, and, one of the strongest pairings that warrants a few minutes in the spotlight — biometrics and law enforcement.

Law enforcement today is challenged to be more efficient with fewer resources, all while contending with an uptick in criminal activity. How do we as identity and security experts support officers to work smarter, faster and safer — without adding complexity or costs to resources and budgets already under pressure?

The answer involves combining biometric identification with real-time mobile technology to harness the power of a Rapid ID solution.

Agencies are modernizing their policing practices when it comes to verifying suspects from the field with Rapid ID, which brings new-found levels of efficiency and intelligence to officers on patrol around the globe.

Watch this BBC video to see how the UK’s Metropolitan Police force saves time, reduces costs and better protects the public when working with the mobile fingerprint technology.

Let’s explore how Rapid ID is transforming the law enforcement landscape and why adding Rapid ID to your technology lineup could improve productivity and reduce the weight your force is already operating under.

Verify Individuals Anywhere, Anytime

The affordable, easy-to-use “tap the app” HID Rapid ID solution has never been more convenient and intuitive; it is designed to work with existing devices like smart phones that are already in the hands of officers. Rapid ID enables agencies and officers to capture fingerprints and verify identity from anywhere so they can remain agile and steps ahead of suspects during routine traffic stops and daily encounters while on the beat.

Utilizing Rapid ID, officers simply:

  1. Capture two fingerprints using the HID NOMAD™ 30 mobile fingerprint reader.
  2. Tap the app on their mobile phone to submit.
  3. Review the Hit/No-Hit results within minutes.

Law enforcement officers remain on the scene and productive, while sophisticated HID Rapid ID runs point to securely capture, transmit and cross-check prints against state and FBI databases — reporting back results with acute accuracy in minutes.

Increase Trust and Respect Within Communities

Adopting Rapid ID into your professional routine is not only a win for police departments and officers, but also delivers conveniences to citizens. The ability to run mobile identification on the spot during traffic stops and daily encounters saves time for everyone involved. HID works hard behind the scenes to ensure officers remain in the field focusing on what’s happening while on patrol, to better protect themselves and the community.

HID Global is constantly building out its portfolio of trusted identity solutions based on use cases from around the globe, and knowledge mined from the world's brightest, most experienced experts in the areas of identity, security and safety.

The HID Rapid ID solution is one of our advanced offerings available to modern-day police forces — and already is Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) FALCON Rapid ID certified. Proven effective and used across continents, it evolves as digital advancements unfold the world over.

Officers today deserve the right tools to be nimble and ensure they are steps ahead of suspects. Ready to incorporate innovative technologies into your law enforcement lineup? Let’s talk.