Passwordless FIDO authentication with Microsoft

Going Passwordless with HID, Microsoft and FIDO2

Organizations today must continuously keep up with the demands of increased security, the changing workforce and evolving technologies. Their greatest challenge, however, is the balance of protection, convenience and user experience. When it comes to user authentication technology, striking this balance to protect access to physical systems and cloud-based applications in a seamless way is an increasingly important consideration for IT and cybersecurity professionals.

Passwordless Authentication Through FIDO2 Technology Provides the Answer

A growing aspect of both user convenience and flexible protection is the notion of a passwordless experience. Today, passwords are a pain point for both users and admin and burden an organization's security posture — whether user-created or issued by an administrator, passwords are often either too complex, easy to forget or vulnerable to attacks. FIDO2 provides a more secure solution to these traditional authentication method issues, while also being easier and faster to use than complex passwords that must be changed every couple of months.

Microsoft’s Azure Active Directory Passwordless Capability Now Available

Last year, we shared Microsoft’s public preview of their passwordless authentication using FIDO2 security keys. Now, we are sharing the great news that Microsoft announced the general availability of their passwordless capability for enterprise on March 2, marking an even bigger step away from password dependency. This capability allows users to authenticate to their Windows 10 machines and their Azure Active Directory environment quickly, easily and safely.

Now with broad support for FIDO2 standards, our customers can provide an authentication experience for their users that is effortless, cross platform, and highly secure,” said Alex Simons, Corporate Vice President of Program Management, Microsoft Identity Division. “We are happy to be part of a collaboration with HID in our joint effort to move beyond passwords and provide more secure environments for today’s workforce.


HID Global Enables Seamless and Passwordless Authentication Experiences

HID has proudly collaborated with Microsoft to enhance the adoption of FIDO2 through our FIDO-enabled high assurance Crescendo® 2300 smart cards and security keys (USB-A and USB-C).  Save the date for a live webinar with our Product Director, Yves Massard, and Microsoft Senior Product Manager Natee Pretikul on April 13, 2021, where we will be taking a deeper dive into passwordless access and how HID Global is supporting this with Microsoft. Follow us on LinkedIn for the official event announcement and registration information.

Unleash the Power of Passwordless Authentication with HID Global’s Single Credential

The ability to go passwordless is a central concept of the FIDO2 standard, providing flexible and scalable security in order to remove the need for these complex passwords. Enabling this is the use of security keys and smart cards such as Crescendo, resulting in a single sign-on authentication experience.

Using the Crescendo family of FIDO-enabled devices allows users to:

  • Securely log in to Windows, Azure Active Directory and any application protected by it
  • Access Microsoft 365 and shared PCs
  • Authenticate to both cloud and on-premises resources
  • Digitally sign documents and emails
  • Encrypt data at rest and in transit
  • Securely access facilities and IT resources with the convenience of a single Crescendo smart Card

Take a look at our video to learn more: HID Global and Microsoft: Make Getting to Work Easier

Deploy Passwordless Access Quickly with HID Crescendo

With Microsoft's passwordless capability and FIDO integration, HID’s Crescendo product family can be deployed and ready to use quickly and efficiently. After just a few configurations in Azure Active Directory and registration of the credential in the Self-Service Portal or using an API, users are quickly on their way to being passwordless in their environment.

Although Crescendo authenticators have the capability to be deployed on their own, the life cycle can also be managed as a complete solution by HID’s WorkforceID™ Digital Credential Manager.

Try Passwordless Authentication for Free

Now is a great time to ditch the passwords and try out Crescendo security keys for your organization. Receive your free sample and be on your way to becoming passwordless:

Learn more about how HID Global can protect access to your IT infrastructure with multi-factor authentication. To explore the full capabilities of HID's complete multi-factor authentication portfolio, visit the HID Crescendo, WorkforceID Digital Credential Manager, DigitalPersona® and WorkforceID Authentication Service product pages. Our complete multi-factor authentication offering further strengthens HID’s position as the world leader in access control solutions.

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