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10 Ways Biometrics Are Transforming Retail

Biometric technology has completely transformed the way retailers manage their business. Unlike the traditional approach where retailers rely on passwords or PINs to access systems, biometrics employ advanced digitalized traits to provide robust user authentication and identification. Below are ten ways biometrics are reshaping the retail landscape.

  1. Speed Employee Log-In
    Biometric technology eliminates the hassle of using passwords and PINs to log into systems, which enhances user convenience and security. Retail employees don't have to fumble with long, complicated passwords when logging into a system. Instead, they just scan their faces or touch the fingerprint reader to log into the POS terminals.
  2. Reduce Internal Theft
    Adopting biometric technology can help discourage dishonest employees. Since biometrics identify employees via physical attributes that are unique to each individual, they are a strong preventer of fraud. There is no risk of someone loaning their badge to others to conduct a fraudulent transaction.
  3. Prevent Shoplifting
    Biometric technology enables retailers to develop a database of suspected shoplifters and retail offenders. Retailers can then identify previous shoplifters based on whether their face's features match existing profiles in a shoplifter database. By monitoring the right individuals, retailers can proactively prevent crime.
  4. Reduce Time and Attendance Fraud
    Biometric systems can eliminate attempts of "buddy punching," a type of time and attendance fraud where employees log in for one another. This recognition technology ensures that every employee is physically present at their workstation at the right time.
  5. Ensure Staff Accountability
    Since biometrics use physical attributes to identify individuals, they provide indisputable proof of presence and hold every individual accountable for their behavior and transactions.
  6. Enable Biometric Payments
    Unlike credit cards and other traditional payment models that are vulnerable to fraud, biometric technology ensures enhanced protection. Biometrics can be integrated with credit cards for frictionless payment at checkout, by authenticating the customer’s identity and preventing fraudulent use of credit cards.
  7. Facilitate Age Verification
    Facial recognition enables quick and seamless age verification. This provides an efficient way to speed up the management and purchase of age-restricted products without employee intervention.
  8. Offer Smooth and Efficient Self-Checkouts
    Using biometrics at self-checkouts means consumers don't have to use traditional approaches for payment when paying. Instead, they can make their payments by scanning their faces or fingerprints. The transaction time is significantly improved, which enhances the customer’s in-store shopping experience.
  9. Empower Personalized In-Store Promotions
    Biometrics offer many great features that can be utilized to improve in-store promotions and offers. For example, the same scanners and cameras used for security can be upgraded to monitor consumers' buying trends. When biometrics are integrated with customer loyalty programs, retailers can easily study and track customers’ purchase history so that customized ads can be introduced to attract and motivate shoppers to buy more.
  10. Improve Customer Experience 
    Incorporating biometric technology into retail transactions can help transform the customer experience while enhancing security measures. This practice eliminates friction and demonstrates that the store is tech-savvy by delivering a modern service experience.

In addition, biometrics can help businesses boost customer satisfaction by providing a more personalized experience as well as a more secure and safer shopping environment.

Bottom Line

Transitioning to biometric technology is an efficient way for retailers to manage their stores. Integrating these fingerprint and facial recognition systems into their business can offer multiple benefits, such as powering personalization, trust and convenience.

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