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Powering Trusted Identities and Trusted Reviews: HID DigitalPersona® is Now TRUE Certified

At HID we are all about powering trusted identities, but we also think it is important that what our customers say about our products is trusted too. Over the last few years, our valued customers have taken to B2B software review site to speak about our products and give honest feedback. Now with over 100 reviews, DigitalPersona, a key solution within HID’s multi-factor authentication (MFA) portfolio, has been awarded the TrustRadius TRUE certification for authentic feedback.

HID DigitalPersona received TRUE certification because they have gone above and beyond to gather authentic feedback from their customers. They are really listening — to all of their customers, not just a select happy few. That means buyers can have the utmost trust in the reviews of HID DigitalPersona to give them a complete picture of the product. TRUE is a program that recognizes tech companies who are Transparent, Responsive, Unbiased, and Ethical in managing their consumer reviews. We’re recognizing HID DigitalPersona for meeting the highest industry standards. - Megan Headley, TrustRadius VP of Research

HID is proud to have achieved this for a product that is pivotal within our MFA solution offering and works to secure the digital identities of our customers’ workforce and protect access to networks, applications and data without compromising on the user experience. We have achieved this certification through inviting and providing all customers with the equal opportunity to share honest feedback about our solution, as well as ensuring that we disclose how we source these reviews. We take the time to read all published reviews and respond when necessary, and we make sure to accurately represent our review content when they are used in sales and marketing materials.

Why B2B Reviews Are Needed in Facilitating an Honest and Unbiased Buying Journey

We are committed to going above and beyond to give our customers all the tools they need during the research and buying process. At HID, we understand that customers often get their research from multiple sources to get an even bigger picture of our products. It is well known that vendors are not always forthcoming about the aspects of their products that potential buyers really want to know – their limitations. To that end, it's not surprising that over half of buyers don’t believe vendor claims before buying.

We are aware of this, and consequently we believe it is important that our future customers get all the information they need from trustworthy and unbiased sources. Ratings and reviews are a key part of building this accurate picture of a product. According to the TrustRadius 2021 B2B Buying Disconnect Report, user reviews are the 3rd most helpful information source, among others like free trials, demos, and collateral – which we work hard to provide. Our own research showed that  87% of poll respondents think that transparent, responsive, unbiased and ethically sourced reviews are extremely important. Therefore, customer reviews left on unfiltered and unbiased platforms like TrustRadius are of high value to us as well as to our customers.

Learn About DigitalPersona’s Product Features and Functionalities From the Lens of Real Buyers

In addition, such reviews bring insights about DigitalPersona features and functionalities from the perspective of various use cases, which also helps us identify areas for improvement so that we can offer solutions that better correspond with our customers’ requirements. Moreover, gathering insights that are open, honest and authentic is highly valuable to us as they also confirm what customers love the most about our MFA solution. TrustRadius works upon a solid set of standards which eliminate bias in all our reviews, ensuring that:

  • All reviews are screened before publishing
  • All users are real – no bots or fake accounts
  • The individuals who are rating or reviewing are recent users of the product
  • There is no conflict of interest in the reviews
  • The reviewers have the full ability to provide useful and detailed insights

Our Reviews and Ratings Are Free From Selection Bias

Some vendors invite certain customers to share product reviews, and although not fraudulent, it creates a selection bias that contradicts the very reason that people look for reviews – complete transparency. This “cherry-picking” leads to stories which not always depict products in a completely accurate way. At HID we believe that eliminating distorted motivation and driving forces behind our reviews is important, which is why we invite every customer to share their experience with DigitalPersona.

Hearing the authentic voices of our customers supports us in the continuous enhancement and improvement of our multi-factor authentication solutions.

Learn more how HID Global can protect access to your IT and Enterprise infrastructure with multi-factor authentication, including credentials, credential management services and the back-end software.

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Maria MacRitchie leads the product marketing efforts for the IAM Workforce Authentication solution globally. She has over 15 years of experience with B2B and B2C product, services and marketing communications within the IT and telecom industries. Maria has been with HID for 7 years, holding various communication roles within the Professional Services, PACS Cloud Services and Product Marketing teams.