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Identity is a Human Rights Issue

Proving who you are is integral to taking part in today’s world. For one, digitization of services has greatly increased the need for legally verified identification. The vast majority of digital tools and services require whoever is using them to verify that they are who they say they are. It’s not just about clicking pictures to prove you aren’t a robot, but proving that you are you. We need our identities to open bank accounts, get tax relief, qualify for government and nationalized programs or even simply get insurance, rent a car or buy a plane ticket — and that’s just the United States. Lack of legal ID systemically limits people’s lives. This is a global issue. 

But where does the creation of identity begin? Many countries have civil registries in place. Managing an identity throughout its entire lifecycle is crucial for proper infrastructural planning of a country. Providing people with a trusted identity can both increase civil rights and economic growth.

What Exactly is International Identity Day?

The idea for International Identity Day came in the wake of several other globally recognized humanitarian days: December 10 is Human Rights Day and June 20 is Refugee Day. International days of observance are an effective and practical way to raise awareness and generate momentum around an issue.

International Identity Day began to develop three years ago. In 2018, ID4Africa, which is a regional NGO movement, initiated a global campaign to get an international identity day officially recognized. This day aims to support one of the most sustainable development goals from the UN, which calls for legal identity for all — including birth registration — by 2030. Since the campaign was initiated, more than 100 organizations, including government and humanitarian agencies, campaigners, standards organizations and NGOs, have shown their support for the International Identity Day. We at HID are joining them.

Why is HID Observing International Identification Day?

Building trusted identification is our business, our belief and what we do best. Our hope is that, by sharing this information across our channels this week, we can effect change and help provide not only legal identities, but also the consequent services they power for the people who need them.

The Citizen Identity Business Area (CID) is eager to continue supporting this issue both practically — with tools like our civil registry solution to register births — and as part of our company culture and values. Please stay tuned for more information throughout the week. We’re excited to show you what we’ve been working on and how you can help too. 

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