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Nigerian Police Pilots the Latest Innovation in Mobile IDs

It is no surprise that smartphones have become an all-purpose tool relied upon to share information, make transactions and engage the user in multiple activities. More importantly from a global perspective, smartphones - endowed with massive computing power - provide the technology platform for a host of interesting and life-changing applications many of which are deployed in emerging and developing nations. This smartphone revolution has now reached citizen identification.

I read a study from Pew Research recently that noted that smartphone owner-ship rates in emerging and developing nations are rising at an extraordinary rate, climbing from a median of 21% in 2013 to 37% in 2015. And an overwhelming majority in almost every nation surveyed report owning some form of mobile device, even if they are not considered “smartphones.” This creates a huge opportunity for government agencies — law enforcement, border patrol, vehicle licensing authorities and more — to securely, safely and conveniently interact with citizens via mobile IDs.

We’ve seen this first-hand in Nigeria where mobile phones are as common as they are in the United States - nine-in-ten citizens own a cell phone. In fact, we’ve been working with the Nigerian Police to improve the security and effectiveness of the government’s vehicle registration program using HID goID™ technology where we will issue mobile ID’s to an initial group of Nigerian citizens as part of a two-phased pilot project.

We are excited about this project because it has the potential to change the way police and citizens interact worldwide — not just in Nigeria. Just imagine a mobile ID that provides:

  1. Secure retrieval of real-time vehicle registration, accident, crime of insurance information,
  2. Protects the holder’s privacy, and
  3. Allows law enforcement to initiate the transaction from a safe distance.

The possibilities for mobile IDs in the government-to-citizen sector are practically limitless.

I invite you to watch the video below of Babtope M Agbeyo, Chairman, Media Concepts, talking about the impact mobile vehicle registrations and specifically, HID goID™ is having in Nigeria.

Or if you’re investigating mobile IDs as a possible solution for your program, I invite you to read our white paper on this subject to learn more.


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