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The Ultra-Wide Possibilities of Ultra-Wideband

Smarter World is a part of The NXP® Podcast, Insights Into Trailblazing Technologies. In this episode, EE Times Editor Nitin Dahad is joined by Charles Dachs, VP & General Manager, Secure Embedded Transactions at NXP Semiconductors, and Ramesh Songukrishnasamy, SVP & CTO at HID Global, to explore UWB’s evolution from a data transfer technology to its new role as a fine ranging technology. Learn how it fits into the connectivity landscape, how consumers will adopt it, the opportunities for exciting new use cases and the importance of standardization.

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Introducing HID Origo™開発者ポータル

HID Origo™デベロッパーポータルの公開を発表できることを光栄に思います。このポータルでは、従業員の物理的およびデジタル的なエクスペリエンスをテクノロジーと融合させるアプリやAPIインテグレーションの開発に必要なツールとサポートを、技術パートナーに提供します。