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Top Secure Identity Trends to Watch in 2016: Part #2

Security will move to a much greater focus on the user experience.

When it comes to security, I see the industry rapidly moving from security-driven to a very experience-driven conversation. Today’s question is, "How do we make it easier for people to go about their daily lives…and how do we make that happen?”   Customers are increasingly  seeking a comprehensive secure identity experience for their users, but with a stronger focus than ever on making security a “given.”

Why?  Users will continue to be the most important elements and yet weakest links in any security strategy, putting themselves and the people they work and transact with at risk when they don’t do their part.  Advancements in the security experience will play a vital role in closing this gap between security planning and user compliance. 

Some of the developments we see in this area include:

  • Security technology will no longer define office habits and personal lifestyles but adapt to them while empowering new capabilities, making it easier – and even attractive – for users to comply with requirements.
  • Users will have more options for presenting secure identities for authentication.  Organizations are now interested having the choice to use any combination of ID cards, phones or other mobile device, or biometric factor such as a fingerprint.  The coming years will bring even more options.
  • Traditional authentication elements like passwords, challenge/response questions and logon tokens will disappear, to be replaced by better ways of securing mobile banking channels, authenticating to corporate data, apps and web services, and accessing healthcare and other sensitive personal information. 

Streamlining security is a top agenda item in the industry, and our job at HID Global is to ensure it is seamless, frictionless and easy to navigate.  This lays the foundation for organizations to introduce more flexible, adaptable solutions that improve the overall user experience and compliance. 

Watch the video for more, and stay tuned for HID Global’s perspective on connected identities, the Internet of Things and security policies for 2016.