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Partnering With a Global Bank to Secure Physical Access and Re-Imagine the Visitor Experience

At HID, we are on a journey to secure one of the largest global banking and financial services. Building on an already established and highly successful footprint of HID physical access control solutions (PACS) in place across the bank’s sites, we are currently extending HID Physical Identity and Access Management (PIAM) and Visitor Management across the entire organization.

Partnering with Vpod Solutions to transform the visitor experience for the bank, we are also integrating our visitor management solution with Vgreet front lobby kiosks in several UK offices to create a highly innovative, digital lobby for the hundreds of people that pass through each day.

The project kicked off in 2019 with HID SAFE (PIAM and Visitor Management) in full use across various countries, and continued roll out setting up dramatic improvements to security, safety, and visitor experiences.

Current Deployment and Outlook for Global Rollout

So far, HID SAFE is deployed in two languages across 40 of the bank’s highly secure locations – including offices, data centres, and branches. As the project matures, HID SAFE will be in use across an increasing number of locations and will integrate with many additional systems and new solutions. Below are current aggregated data points:

4 Access Control Systems Integrations• 2 Complete• 2 Planned +285,000 Identities Loaded• +225,000 Employees• +60,000 Non-Employees +800 Managed Access Areas• Highly Restricted• Restricted• Common/Non-Restricted

The HID SAFE Solution

Operating in a critical industry, the bank needed a solution that centralized physical access management, streamlined visitor processes, and increased security. HID SAFE was the perfect fit and is now the single, global solution for the bank’s unified physical access management administering all the physical access needs of their employees, contractors, and visitors.

Organizational Drivers for Partnering With HID:

  • Simplify compliance, reporting and auditing — HID SAFE improves the bank’s ability to adhere to regulations, demonstrate compliance and simplify applicable audits
  • Improve security — HID SAFE provides the bank with insight into who is present at company locations and reduces risk of inappropriate access with automated access revocation
  • Reduce manual processes and improve resource allocations — HID SAFE can orchestrate across disparate PACS and other systems, which previously required repetitive, manual processes across various groups. HID SAFE Visitor Manager and Vpod Vgreet deliver significant value by providing the bank with technologies that can replace several manual human processes.
  • Create consistent policies and enforcement across the organization, regardless of PACS —HID SAFE centralizes policy administration and enforcement as well as badging and credentialing, allowing for standardization of controls. Employees can also self-manage access to streamline issuance wherever possible.
  • Align with GDPR

HID SAFE Visitor Manager

As part of the SAFE footprint, the bank is leveraging the visitor management solution to secure and optimize their front-of-house processes across the globe. HID extended SAFE into the lobby by partnering with Vpod Solutions and adding their Vgreet digital kiosks in several of the bank’s UK offices. The unique integration combined software, secure and convenient-to-use mobile credentials and human-centric hardware to provide an impressive front lobby.

HID + Vpod for a Truly Digital Visitor Experience

In seamlessly blending software and hardware, SAFE and Vgreet deliver an end-to-end visitor solution that goes beyond standard check-in, check-out workflows; the complete visitation process is covered -- pre-registration, post-visit guidance, plus real-time data, policies, compliance and more -- for visitors, employees, vendors, contractors, and customers.

See how our solutions combine to form the perfect blend of security and user experience:

HID SAFE Visitor ManagerScalable software for access management of visitors, employees, contractors and more• Intuitive web-based portal for inviting and managing visitors• Intelligent dashboard for real-time reporting on building capacities, visitor traffic, metrics and more• Pre-defined policies for visitor and access approvals, notifications, reminders, escalations and more• Automated visitor provisioning into PACS infrastructure• Background checks against internal and external watch lists• Event and large group management• Configurable workflows• Centralized database to capture, store and edit identities Vpod VgreetDigital front lobby kiosk with powerful integrations and feature capabilities• Voice activation and motion sensor for a touchless experience• Integration with maps for wayfinding to meeting rooms and destinations• Room and desk booking• Virtual concierge: face-to-face video support from external staff• Post-visit information such as weather updates, nearby points of interest and best routes home• Ability to call and arrange taxis• Food delivery booking• Ability to leave feedback on visit experience • Easy pre-registration with calendar integrations (e.g., Outlook, Gmail)• Credential issuance including ID badges, QR codes, mobile credentials• Guest and host notifications via email and SMS

About Vpod

Vpod is a UK-based company that designs and creates smart technologies for next generation workplaces. Their portfolio covers visitor management and employee services, including front lobby kiosks, virtual concierge and digital lockers. With a focus on human-centricity, Vpod provides technologies that put people and culture first, and simply make lives easier.

Discover HID SAFE for banking and finance or HID SAFE Visitor Management, and see how you can start your journey towards more secure, efficient physical identity and access management.

Andrew Bull is the EMEA Sales Director of the Workforce Identity Management in IAM Solutions. He brings over 25 years of experience in physical access security. Prior to his current role at HID, he supported HID SAFE within global banking organizations and other solutions within PACS. Andrew previously worked for JCI (Cardkey) and Honeywell. As an active member of UK ASIS Chapter, he enjoys speaking on a variety of identity and access management topics.