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HID Global Awarded ATEX, IECEX and UKEX Poly Tag™ Certifications

Our Identification Technology (IDT) team has recently been awarded ATEX IECEX and UKEX certifications for the Poly Tag™ 340 ICODE SLIX2 EX — a high frequency disc-shaped RFID tag with extreme impact resistance and flammability grade.

Intrinsic Safe certification validates that HID Global RFIDPoly Tag™ EX operates without danger of directly causing or contributing to an explosion when used in potentially explosive or hazardous environments. These hazardous environments are found on offshore drilling platforms, petrochemical plants, mines, flour mills and other process industries where there is a mixture of gases, vapors, mists or dust present in the air that can ignite at specific temperatures or under certain conditions. Intrinsic Safe certification also validates that the company’s RFID tags are not capable of causing ignition under normal operation without compromising the performance of the device.

“HID Global’s RFID tag products help end customers optimize data accuracy, achieve compliance and optimize critical systems and meet the demands in a broad spectrum of industries and applications,” said Eric Suligoj, director of Business Development for Industry Smart Components within IDT. “HID tags are vital components in our customers’ identification systems, and many customers have emphasized ATEX certification as an important feature in their applications since it reduces development time and expense as customers pursue certification for their broader systems.”

The Poly Tag™ can be placed on or near metal surfaces. Each heavy-duty disc is waterproof, highly chemical and shock resistant, and is Intrinsically Safe up to 80°C ambient temperature. This new yellow Poly Tag™ EX version is using a new glass fiber reinforced material that is flame resistant according to UL 94 V-0. It is the first RFID tag available with UKEX certificates as well as ATEX and IECEX for use in potentially explosive environments of mining, gas and dust.

Aside from the ATEX certified PolyTag, there are several other of tags available within the Poly Tag family that are without intrinsic safe certifications. These chips can be produced in high frequency (HF) or low frequency (LF) ranges and come with different materials and colors.

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