Two hospital visitors wearing Visitor Management badges

How Hospitals Are Keeping Their Employees and Patients Safe With Visitor Management

One of the ways hospitals can protect the safety of their staff and visitors is by managing the flow of people accessing their centers. This was evident during the recent pandemic, where access was limited to avoid overcrowding and contamination, in order to keep patients and staff safe. In addition, hospitals discovered the value of managing their visitor traffic as epidemics and other threatening situations arise. Here are some ways they have successfully provided a pleasant visitor experience while keeping everyone secure. 

1: Preschedule Visits

Allow visitors and vendors to submit essential information and receive a confirmation and QR code to make checking in and getting to their destination easier. 

2: Smooth and Secure Check-in at Reception

Help reception staff provide proper access to visitors by running checks and reviewing internal and external lists. Assist hospital staff to navigate emotional scenarios more quickly and maintain safety.

3: Visitors Access Accurate Patient Location

Integrate systems to enable staff to know the current location of patients, which can then be relayed to approved visitors.

4: Proper Access

Either with a badge, partial or full-time escort, ensure that visitors are granted access only to the ward, building or floor needed for their immediate visitation.

5: Integrate With Current Systems

Integrate HR, IT and access control systems to provide hospital staff with all the information and tools they need to manage visitor populations in one location.

6: Report on Hospital Traffic Flows

Monitor and report traffic flow, evaluate security risks and stay compliant with hospital regulations.

A solution like HID’s Intelligent Patient Visitor Management offers hospitals valuable capabilities designed to satisfy the needs of healthcare organizations by supporting patient well-being and providing a safe, compliant and efficient environment for patients, workers and visitors alike. To learn more, read Expert Insights’ complete comprehensive guide, Intelligent Patient Visitor Management For Hospitals.

Matthew Lewis is the Director of Product Marketing for HID Global helping drive the go to market for the Workforce business unit within the Identity and Access Management Solutions business area. He has led product marketing organizations for five years with experience in both vertical and horizontal global markets. Prior to joining HID, he spent time at a global software provider in the energy sector, in the collaboration and communication software space, and marketing cybersecurity products at Entrust.