A police officer using biometric identification

How Florida Law Enforcement Can ‘Tap’ Into Rapid ID Efficiencies

Criminals often rattle off fake names, false addresses and screwball stories, but deceiving the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) has reached a new level of difficulty. FDLE officers armed with mobile biometric identification technology now have intelligence and efficiency emanating from the palm of their hand, giving them a highly accurate, superpower-like crime-fighting ability that is transforming the way law enforcement agencies roll while on patrol.

FDLE Certified Rapid ID:

One Officer. Two Fingerprints. Three Simple Steps.

Rapid ID technology can empower FDLE officers to conduct mobile biometric identification on-the-fly. Once upon a time, individuals needed to be detained and transported across town to the station for old-fashioned ink-and-paper identification procedures. Today, biometric advancements combined with mobile technologies are modernizing policing efforts and driving efficiencies for the men and women working to protect us.

Leveraging HID’s FDLE-certified Rapid ID solution means that running an ID check has never been easier. Utilizing proven mobile biometric tools, FDLE is empowered to quickly identify subjects with arrest warrants or those with records in Florida’s FALCON Integrated Crime History System and the FBI RISC database.

Three Simple Steps for Officers:

  1. Capture two fingerprints using the HID NOMAD™ 30 mobile fingerprint reader.
  2. Tap the HID Mobile app on their mobile phone to submit.
  3. Review the Hit/No-Hit results within minutes.

Meanwhile, the HID Rapid ID software, HID Commander, does the heavy lifting behind the scenes to return results in a matter of minutes. Officers simply tap their phone to securely capture, transmit and cross-check an individual’s fingerprints against Florida state and federal criminal databases.

Watch this video to see how HID Rapid ID works for FDLE:

As Tough As FDLE Officers

Our FDLE FALCON Rapid ID Certified solution is designed with intention — rugged, to support enforcement endeavors during the good, the bad and the ugly. The compact HID NOMAD 30 mobile fingerprint reader is built for frequent use and incorporates reliable sensors ideal for outdoor conditions: dust, sunlight, heat and moisture. It accurately reads prints regardless of dirt, sweat, dryness or worn down/shallow skin. All digital transactions are conducted within a secure environment that meets FBI CJIS security policies.

HID Rapid ID not only keeps Florida’s officers in the field protecting communities, but is developed to work with and alongside their existing mobile devices for a familiar, seamless digital experience that’s both rewarding and highly productive.

We’re extremely proud to support Florida’s law enforcement agencies and the forces working to maintain law and order across society. If you're ready to arm your department with next-level efficiency and intelligence when it comes to verifying identities, let’s connect.