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Winter 2021 & Spring 2022 Releases for HID Visitor Management Solutions

Our visitor management solutions recently had two releases — here is a quick recap.

WorkforceID™ Visitor Manager

Recent updates have improved the solution capabilities and user experience. Some of the highlights include:

  • Single Sign-On Using SAML: Adds convenience of single sign-on for WorkforceID Visitor Manager admins and employees. Works with Azure AD, Okta and more.
  • Azure AD Identity Syncing: Eliminates manual entry of identities and makes identity management easier by allowing corporate users to sync with WorkforceID
  • Flexible Data Input Fields for Visitors: Simple configuration lets the solution expand to capture new data input fields for visitors during check-in
  • Reporting Module Updates: New reports can be created to add new insights into visitor data
  • Multi-Language Support for Screening Questions: Visitors can answer screening questions in the language of their choice 
  • Conference Room Support: Operators can now direct the visitors to the conference room selected by the host in the outlook invitation
  • Expanding Third Party Integrations: More PACS and peripheral integrations are added to the platform. Check currently supported PACS systems and devices and peripheral setup guides for more information regarding which are supported.

We are excited to see WorkforceID Visitor Manager expanding its IT integrations to consider more than just the experience of the visitor as part of our overall solution.

Visit the release notes for more on the latest release of WorkforceID Visitor Manager.

Intelligent Patient Visitor Management

The healthcare industry is rapidly advancing the role that visitor experience and patient/staff safety play in infectious disease control. A few of the recently released capabilities and one major upcoming advancement include:

  • Kiosks: Simplified kiosks allow business visitors, pre-approved patient visitors, outpatients and their visitors to check in quickly and securely and avoid waiting in a queue
  • Patient Record Tracking: Maintain a single active record for patients having multiple encounters across departments
  • Outpatient Visitor Management: Unified visitor management is now possible with support for outpatient visitor capability by integrating HL7 SUI feed
  • Quality of Life Improvements:
    • Search and scanning enhancements for quick visitor and patient checks
    • Check-in and check-out history for visitors
    • Receptionist staff can better manage facility limits and make exceptions as needed

Our healthcare customers provide valuable feedback through their partnership with us. We continue to build on our existing, collaborative relationships to help move patient and staff safety forward while also helping address the massive need for controlling the spread of infection across hospital complexes. Get more information using the links below.

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WorkforceID Visitor Manager >>

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Matthew Lewis is the Director of Product Marketing for HID Global helping drive the go to market for the Workforce business unit within the Identity and Access Management Solutions business area. He has led product marketing organizations for five years with experience in both vertical and horizontal global markets. Prior to joining HID, he spent time at a global software provider in the energy sector, in the collaboration and communication software space, and marketing cybersecurity products at Entrust.